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5 year olds birthday party ideas and games

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Your child is turning 5 years old! in some ways , turning five is on of the milestone birthdays your child will ever encounter. this is the age when most children start school and head off to kindergarten. They’ll meet their first school teacher and make new friends. and while kindergarten may be only a half day of school, they’re starting a new chapter in life. Your baby is beginning to grow up!

what better way to celebrate your child turning five than with a birthday party, complete with games for all the kids to play? your child is old enough now to relate with the other children in an active, playful setting. to be sure, most 5 year olds would be content with just having decorations, opening presents and eating cake, but adding in some fun games for the kids to enjoy can really make the party one to remember.

The best way to approach your 5 year olds birthday party idea is to plan for a mixture of both structured and unstructured activities . While younger children definitely benefit from having some structure and guidance from adults, they’re also at an age where they’re beginning to crave some independence. You can supervise from a short distance away, but it’s definitely okay to allow the kids some free time to play together either out in your backyard or indoors in a play room.

When choosing what games to play at the party, keep the age of the other children in mind. the youngest child in attendance should be able to participate and enjoy the games played. try and avoid highly competitive games with clear cut teams or only one possible winner. If you do play games of that nature, make sure everybody gets some sort of prize or funner up to that every child, including the birthday boy or girl, can have fun at the party and feel like a winner.

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