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How to choose the right clown for a kid's birthday party

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Kids love to have clowns at their birthday party. That hasn’t changed in years. Even with all the changes in technology, video games, ipods and everything else kids have to entertain themselves with these days, year after year clowns for kid’s birthday parties continue to be one of the most popular choices parents make.

What is it about clowns that kids like so much? It probably has something to do with children’s interest and belief in anything from the world of make – believe. Clowns seem to come from a magical world of fun. Kids feel comfortable and at ease with having a clown at their birthday party. Children are easily able to separate the world of reality and every day life into the special, funny world that the clown appears to come from.

The other reason kids love having a clown at their birthday party is that a good clown performer will do lots of great activities to hold their interest. A really skilled kids birthday party clown has the talent and skill to keep a large group of children entertained for long periods of time. These days, a professional clown has to be able to do many things, from balloon animals to face painting, party games to other special skills like juggling or story – telling. Kids enjoy interacting with the clown, but they get the added bonus of having the clown be able to do fun and kid – friendly activities at the birthday party.

If you are planning on having a clown at your kids birthday party, school or corporate event, then you have a few options to consider when choosing the right clown performer. First and foremost, you really want to go with an experienced kids party company. You can find a clown lots of places, from google to the yellow pages to word of mouth, but by far the best place to look for a clown is by using an entertainment agency that specializes in kid’s birthday parties. When you go with a professional kids party planning company, you get the benefit of knowing that they have carefully screened and selected every performer that they send to every party. If the party agency has been in business for many years, that means that they have had lots of time and experience to find and work with the best kid’s party performers. A professional kids party planning company that has been around a long time will have a much better idea of who the really top – notch kids party performers are. Since they have been arranging parties for so many years, you know that the staff members they work with are the very best in their field.

In places like san jose, san francisco, los angeles, dallas and houston there are plenty of good kids party professionals available. You can easily arrange to have a clown, kids party character, pony ride or bouncehouse at your party with just a simple phone call.

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