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If you are going to celebrate the birthday party of your toddler, Fun Factory Parties (offices in los angeles, san jose , san francisco and Santa Barbara in California)  suggest choosing a birthday party theme based on the popular sesame street children’s party character Elmo. The red little monster from Sesame Street has a charm of his own. In order to make the party more attractive, this kids party entertainment company based in California, Fun Factory Parties suggests you hire a party character rental lookalike based on Elmo or hire a dora explorer children’s party rental character.

in your invitation letters you can mention to the guests about the costume visitor of the day. But you may be wondering about from where you can rentthe costumes?  You can always rent one from Fun Factory Parties.  We have offices in at San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Pacific Palisades and throughout California . we have high quality costume rentals for $125 which you can keep for two days. Our professional kids party mascot costumes will fit any child or adult up to 6’1 or 190 pounds.   providing costumes for your birthday party event won’t be a headache.

Where can you find party decorations, party supplies, party favors etc. based on an Elmo party or any other supplies or ideas for a great kid’s birthday party?  Try our easy and convenient online party supply store!  You can also get various birthday party supplies items like fresh lime square lunch plates, Elmo party dessert plates, napkins etc. We have all types of party decoration including banners, balloons, banners, cut 1outs of Elmo etc. All it takes is some  creativity and imagination to make your party memorable Call Fun Factory Parties for help with your next party.

Looking for ideas for kid’s party favors? There are several things which you can provide to the kids as fun favors during the birthday party. For example, for a girl’s party, there are various items like lip gloss, necklaces, jewelry, bracelets, stick-on earrings, makeup kit, hair accessories. For a boy’s party there are items like Yo-Yo’s super balls, hats, sports ball, hats, sports posters, digital watch, pencils, pens sunglasses blowouts, hot wheel cars, helium balloons, balloon animals, bookmarks etc. Party favors are essential for any party; it’s a way of saying a thank you to the guests who come to make your child’s party special. Call Fun Factory Parties for lots more great ideas!

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