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Kids Party Pony and Petting Zoo Rental – a Great Idea for your child's birthday party!

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Kids Kid’s love having animals at their birthday party. Having a pony or petting zoo rental at your children’s event is a great way to entertain all the children. You can hire a friendly pony ride or have a children’s petting zoo come to your child’s birthday party or school event. Kids love getting the chance to touch, pet and hold these friendly and cute little animals. Kids Party Petting Zoo rentals include chickens, rabbits, ducks goats guinea pigs and baby sheep.

Animals for kids parties are safe and easy. The petting zoo staff member will arrive in the morning and set up a small fenced – in area around your party zone. They will take care of all the work, including all set up and clean up after wards. The kids have hours to touch and play with the animals. We will even include food for the children to feed to the animals in the petting zoo as part of the rental.

Teaching children about animals is an important part of their up – bringing. Children are naturally curious about animals and this is a great way to allow them to touch and pet the petting zoo rental animals in a safe and easy way.  You can get lots of great pictures of your children posing with ponies, rabbits ducks and all kinds of other kids party animals. Children will get a chance to ride on the pony or feed the kid’s birthday party ponies while adults can watch and take lots of pictures!  Any kid can ride the pony, as long as the child is under 115 pounds or about 9 years old. Having a pony at a child’s birthday party will really get all the kids involved in the fun.  There are plenty of great ideas for kids birthday party rentals.   You can hire a pony or petting zoo rental for kid’s birthday party anywhere in los angeles san jose san francisco or anywhere you are having a party. Pony rentals can be found in parks, homes, schools or churches. it is a great idea to reserve your petting zoo about 6 weeks ahead, especially on a weekend reservation.

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