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puppet shows for children's birthday parties

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What’s a great party idea to keep a group of children happy at a birthday? If the kids are the right age, then having a kid’s party puppet show is a great way to go! Kids of all ages love fun and friendly puppets. they love to sit and watch the story unfold as the puppets do a show that children ages 1- 12 can enjoy. puppets make kids feel relaxed, and all children can relate to seeing a magical puppet show or fairy story unfold. children can sit and enjoy the party while seeing puppets play out all different kinds of stories, from make – believe fairy tales to dragons to modern – day events. children like puppets because they can escape to the magic world of make – believe.

puppets for kids birthday parties are a great way to go if you are having children ages one up to early teen. it may seem like only small children or toddlers would enjoy having a puppet show at their party, but you’d be surprised how even older children can really start to enjoy a good puppet show. it’s also an equally great idea for both boy’s and girl’s birthday parties. the right puppet show for your party can be adjusted to fit any age and group of children. puppet shows involve music, which kids of all ages can appreciate. a good puppet show for children will also keep them involved, with plenty of interaction and talking directly to the puppets, and even getting involved in the story! you will get plenty of great pictures of your children holding, touching and laughing with these friendly puppets.

fun factory parties has offices all over calfornia and texas, including in sacramento, orange county, los angeles, pasadena, san diego, san jose, san francisco, dallas , fort worth and houston, texas. we can also provide nationwide service for clowns, magicians for kids parties, bouncehouses, pony rides and petting zoos. we have it all! don’t hesitate to call for any ideas on how to make your kid’s birthday party great!

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  1. gina says:

    how long is the puppet show and the cost?

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