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Rent a trackless train for your child's birthday

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Parents always want to know what is the hot new idea to entertain kid’s at a party. In the past 5 years something new has come along and become one of the most popular ideas of the decade for children’s events. These are “trackless trains” or “trackless race cars” , specially designed portable, fully mobile kid – sized miniature trains and race cars that can be taken to parties at homes, schools, businesses, parking lots, or any place that has a flat , level concrete surface where the train can be set up.

Never heard of or seen one of these? That’s because they are a bit new as far as being widely available in california and texas. Also, there are certain limitations as far as where the trains can go or be set up. For example, the trackless train does need to be set up on a flat, level surface in order to operate properly. For the most part they can’t be set up on grass, dirt or any area that has more than a 5% hill grade.

Some parents have safety concerns about these rentals, which is quite natural. However, trackless trains are one of the safest party rental items you can have at your party. Each train ride comes fully equipped with a professional staff member who will do all the set up ,safety check protocal and operation of the ride. The train ride will accomodate both adults and children, so kids who want to ride on the train with their parents are more than welcome. This also insures additional safety.

Typical rental fees for items of this type range around $450 – $600 for a couple of hours. The price range depends on a number of factors, including mileage to / from your event, what type of area the train is being set up in, how many kids are at the party and what specific item you are renting.

The primary locations for these items are san jose, san francisco, los angeles, pasadena, orange county, san diego, palo alto, santa monica, dallas and houston, texas. These are all good cities for trackless train rides because they tend to have lots of flat, open places with concrete streets that make setting up and operating the train ride safe and easy.

Call fun factory parties if you’re looking for advice about how to plan your next children’s event. have a great time at your party. woooo woooo!

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