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A Scooby Doo birthday party for kids is the hottest new party idea!

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Scooby doo, where ARE you???  That’s what kids all over America are asking these days. Scooby doo, the lovable tv kids character that so many of us grew up with, is back for a whole new generation of kids!  People in their 30’s and 40’s probably remember scooby doo from saturday morning cartoon shows as a kid.  But kids under 12 today know scooby and his friends in a whole new way. scooby doo has never been more popular as a kid’s party character, since their have been TWO scooby doo movies made featuring this popular kid’s cartoon character in the past 10 years.  Both of these scooby doo movies were huge hits with kids, and got rave reviews from both critics and parents.

Fun Factory parties has seen a giant leap in the number of parents asking to have scooby doo come to their child’s birthday party in the past 2 years. While there was a bit of a dip in popularity for this character from about 2003 – 2009, the past 1- 2 years has seen a huge increase in kids being aware of this character. One indication of just how popular the scooby doo character has become in the past few years is that for the first time ever, many of America’s major amusement parks now feature a live scooby doo mascot character walking around greeting the children.

If you want to plan a great kid’s party theme for kids ages 1-6, you can definitely invite scooby doo along with any of his lovable friends to come visit your child on their birthday!  Scooby can come alone or with shaggy or diane. They can help the kids solve mysteries, and play lots of great kid’s birthday party games!

If you want to have scooby doo come for an hour or so, that’s easy to do. You can invite a professional kid’s party mascot entertainer to come for a short visit. Or, if you’d prefer a more economical approach, you can also rent this popular kid’s party mascot and have someone you know wear it at the party. That’s a great idea to entertain children and will keep them busy and laughing for hours! If you rent the scooby doo mascot costume, it will be delivered to your door in plenty of time for the party, you can keep it for an entire weekend and wear it as long as you’d like. Then you ship it back after the party. It’s a great deal, for only $125!

Fun Factory parties is based in california (offices in sacramento, san francisco, los angeles, orange county, san jose and palo alto) as well as dallas and houston, texas. But our location is no issue, we can ship this lovable adult size scooby doo mascot party costume anywhere in the U.S! This scooby doo mascot costume can be rented for any adult from 4’10 up to 6’3.

You can also rent other kids party mascot costumes, just go online and take a look. Give us a call for all your party needs!


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17 comments on “A Scooby Doo birthday party for kids is the hottest new party idea!
  1. hi…i’m wanting to rent scooby doo…….i only need the costume for like a an hour, my nephew is coming to visit…….what is the cheapest rate i can get…..will u please email me a current photo of the scooby doo mascot u are renting out…THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT…very hard to get one over on a 5 year old that eat, sleeps, and drinks scooby….he would so start yelling that isn’t really scooby i was wearing a macot that is a cheap knock off…..hopefully it’s not…..thank u

    jason smith

    • jeff says:

      Scooby Doo COSTUME RENTAL – 888 501 4286 THANKS! -JEFF

      Rental Fee is $125 Need to make reservation with $50 deposit. we charge the reset on 12/1 when we ship the costume. email to request pic. Thanks! -jeff

    • jeff says:

      Hi jason – thanks for your email. Scooby doo mascot character costume rental for kids party = $125 give us a call at 888 501 4FUN thanks! -jeff

    • jeff says:

      Hi – feel free to give us a call at 888 501 4FUN for help with any kid’s party mascot rentals – thanks!

  2. jerry schaffer says:

    I’m looking for Mario Luigi bowser yoshi Scooby doo any family guy characters sponge Bob Tigger pooh taz my little ponies and master Chief from halo please send me some pictures of these character’s and any other popular characters very serious buyer thanks Jerry

  3. Beth says:

    How soon could the Scooby Doo costume be shipped and when would it arrive? Does the $125 include shipping?

  4. Bryce MacNaughton says:

    May I please buy one of the costumes. I volunteer at many of the children’s care units in Hawaii. It will be for personal use only. My cell number is 808-488-8888
    Thank you

    • jeff says:

      HI – our kid’s party costumes are available for purchase. If you know which one you’d like I can check if it’s in stock – thanks! 888 501 4fun

  5. Bryce MacNaughton says:

    PS. I won’t charge any money for my service’s

    • jeff says:

      hi – we can sell you a costume, please let us know which one you’d like to buy, we can get a price – thanks!

    • Bryce MacNaughton says:

      I’m sorry Scooby Doo like the one in the video or better please. I’m a 40 waist and 5’9″

      • jeff says:

        We have updated some of our kids party costume rentals. You can email us to get a current picture of any costume you would like – thanks!

    • Bryce MacNaughton says:

      I would like the Scooby costume I am 5’9″

      • jeff says:

        Hi – the scooby doo costume will definitely fit you, the turn – around time is about 6-8 weeks. Costume price is approximately $425-$450 including shipping. Thanks!

  6. Ken walker says:

    Do you still rent the Scooby doo costume?

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