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Spongebob birthday parties for boys or girls are a great party idea!

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Everyone knows that kids love Spongebob Squarepants. He’s hilarious!  At first the idea of a kid’s party character that “lived in a pineapple under the sea” seemed kind of ridiculous. But maybe that’s the whole point!  Spongebob is so silly and absurd that anyone can appreciate this goofy show.  It’s one of the few kid’s cartoon shows that has actually broken through, to where adults enjoy Spongebob as much or more as the kids.

As a kid’s party planning and entertainment agency, Fun Factory Parties for Kids has seen the popularity of spongebob grow more and more with each passing year.  Every day we get requests to have one of our spongebob mascot performers come to a child’s birthday party.  Our spongebob show is a lot of fun! Spongebob can come to the party and do a show with music and games, he can greet the kids and pose for pictures, and of course he’s available to cut the birthday cake and sing happy birthday at the end of the party!

Another great idea to go along with the spongebob party character theme is to rent a spongebob style bouncehouse.  You can rent a spongebob theme bouncehouse or slide, which will be delivered to your home or park on the morning of your party.  Our bouncehouse delivery driver will set the whole thing up in about 15 minutes. The kids can jump, slide or play on the spongebob theme bounce or slide for the entire day, usually up to 8 hours. We come back later to deflate the bouncehouse and pack it up. It’s simple and easy! Spongebob bouncehouses are an easy way to keep kids entertained and having a great time for the entire birthday party!

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