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Top 3 locations to host a kid's birthday party

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It’s no secret that finding the right location for your child’s birthday party can really be a big factor in determining how well the event works. If you choose the right location, things will go smoothly and easily for both you and your party guests. It’s really important to think about the time of year, the number of expected guests, and what ages of children you think will attend.

There are 3 primary choices to host a kid’s party, all with pros and cons. Here are the most common options:

1) At home. This is the most obvious one, as everyone loves to celebrate a child’s birthday at home. However, that being said there are also some drawbacks to having a party in your own home. The most obvious one being clean – up. While it’s great to give everyone a good time, the thought of cleaning up after a bunch of children leaves can really intimidating. Think carefully if the number and age of the kids can really fit into the type of home you have. If you have a large backyard and your party will be during a warmer time of year, then having a party in your home can be a great fit.

2) Pizza Parlor. This is a great but often overlooked idea for a kid’s party location. Just about every city has some type of pizza parlor available with a party room you can rent. The added benefit of being able to give all the kids unlimited pizza, soda and cake makes this type of location all the more tempting. The only potential downside is the cost, as you obviously have to pay a bit more to host a party in a pizza parlor than you would by just having it at your home. On the other hand, most pizza parlors offer special group rates for multiple guests, and since all kids love pizza, it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep them happy at the party.

3) Have your party at a public park. This is another great idea, and usually works well if your child’s birthday happens to be during a warmer time of year. Obviously, no one wants to stand around a cold park, but if it’s a nice day the kids love nothing more than to be able to run around and play games and be outside at the party. Parks require less in the way of after – party cleanup, too. Many parks have their own picnic tables, barbeque areas and of course a playground for the kids to run around on. If you are planning any type of entertainment for the children, parks are a great idea because they leave plenty of opportunity to hire a party character, birthday clown, pony or petting zoo, or even a fun kid’s magic show.

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