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Toy Story birthday party theme ideas

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Celebrating the birthday party on the lines of Toy Story will be an ideal choice, says Fun Factory Parties provider in California, if you are going to celebrate the birthday party of your kid of late. If you are a fan of Toy Story movies you will come to know that Toy Story is all about loyalty, friendship and joy. So, when you choose the theme of Toy Story you can ensure that this party will be a blast. As far as party Supplies, party material, party favors, costumes etc of Toy Story theme is concerned you can get all these items instantly from one place. In addition to the basic items like cups, plates, napkins, decorations you can purchase items like cowboy hats, plastic space, helmets, wings, Buzz light-year costumes etc.

During the party, you can engage your guests in various sports activities like arcade games, plastic darts, foosball, air hockey or mini claw machine with toys. For interactivity you can request the guests to bring their own wonderful toy(s). This will help children to become more curious to see toys of other kids as well. After each party activities games etc., give prizes also to boost the morale of kids. For prizes you can choose sheriff’s badges, Barrel of Monkeys key-chains, parachuting Woody figurines, parachuting Army Men etc.

You can also include party favors or gifts like little Polly Pockets, Barbies, Mr. or Mrs. Potato Heads, cowboy hats, toy cars, alien toys etc.

There are thousands of choices before you to organize birthday party based on Toy Story theme, all that is required is your imagination, reveal Fun Factory Parties provider in California. Call them to book an event.

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