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Trackless trains or racecars are fantastic ideas for kid's birthday! Choooo chooo!

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The hot new item for kid’s birthday parties right now is definitely trackless trains or race cars. People in san francisco, los angeles, beverly hills or anywhere in california love these fun and easy kid’s party trains!

Kid’s party trackless trains are safe, easy and a great value. A trackless train can be brought to your home, business or your child’s school. The Trackless train includes a staff member or conductor to drive the train. Trains can come in either traditional train – style theme or an exciting race-car model. Parents and children can ride in the car together, it’s a great kid’s party idea for the entire family!

You can also combine your kid’s party train with other forms of entertainment. For example, along with the trackless train you can have a “guest conductor” come to the party to entertain the children. This train conductor can pose for pictures, and make balloon animals or do face – painting for the kids. It lends a fun and easy approach to your party, and keeps the train theme moving along.
You could also hire a clown or magician to come along with the trackless train. This clown or kid’s party magician can incorporate activities that will carry on the theme of trains. The magician can do tricks that involve props or games related to trains, or the clown can do balloon animals or face painting that relates to a train theme.

There are plenty of inflatables or bouncehouses that belong in the trackless train party theme. There is a giant inflatable train theme bouncehouse that the kids will love! They can jump, slide and play on the inflated train all day long. Kids of all different ages can enjoy this type of activity. These train theme bouncehouse for kids party can be brought anywhere in california, such as san diego, anaheim or anywhere in the bay area. Fun Factory Parties for Kids are your party professionals for all types of kids events. Give them a call to find out how easy and fun your next party can be!

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