Magicians for a Children's Birthday Party are Always a Great Idea!

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Magician for kids birthday party rental los angeles san jose orange county san francisco san diego
Dazzling Magic Shows For Children’s Parties 

Magic shows for children’s birthday parties are great entertainment for kids ages 3 and up. Our kid’s party magicians will amaze all the children at your child’s birthday with the dazzling tricks they perform. All of our kid’s birthday party magicians are very experienced and performed many shows to the delight of young children at festivals,fairs,schools and also corporate events. Our magicians are very professional and are comfortable performing for any size crowd. Fun Factory Parties Magicians can adjust their shows for any location. If you are interested in good family entertainment our birthday party magicians can also perform shows for adults. The size of this magic show is very flexible.And is fun to watch outdoors or indoors. Fun Factory Party Magicians are a great value and great fun. Our kid’s birthday party magicians go ANYWHERE you are planning your child’s next birthday party or children’s entertainment event rental. We have offices throughout California including magicians for kid’s parties in San Jose and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County as well as in San Diego and Sacramento! Give us a call at 888 501 4FUN (4386) or see us online at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM!
Studies show that magical thinking is crucial to cognitive development in children. And what better way to woo a crowd of kids than a good magic show? At Fun Factory Parties, we offer the unprecedented services of many talented magicians to make your child’s party all it can be. From pulling a rabbit out of a hat to coin and card tricks and other illusions, we provide a unique experience tailored to your requests. With this service, which offers a dazzling and crowd-pleasing experience, you won’t have to worry about dull party moments, or gaps of time where the kids will be bored. In fact, the kids have the opportunity to be part of the act, which increases their creative stimulation. The magician hired for your party can prepare a one-of-a-kind act for the young audience by getting to know about your child on a personal level and incorporating that knowledge into the act, which will undoubtedly wow the kids in attendance. At Fun Factory Parties we pride ourselves on catering to our clients on an individual basis. We pay attention to detail and can assure you that the magic act will be age appropriate. Our magicians are able to do both indoor and outdoor parties and perform whenever you see best fit during the party’s agenda. Though we do recommend that you allow the magician to complete his or her act before the children have cake and ice cream. With a sugar rush, it is nearly impossible for children to sit still and listen. Just a tip! And if you are looking for other entertaining services such as balloon sculpting or face painting, many magicians are multifaceted to do just that. Be sure to ask when scheduling for your party! And at the end of it all, we strongly encourage constructive criticism and feedback so we can continue improving our company. We provide this great service in a number of areas for your convenience including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose and Dallas, just to name a few. 


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