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Magicians for YOUR Kid’s Birthday Party!

Hire A Magician For A Kids Party Anywhere in California, Texas or Chicago!

NEW children’s parties Magician Rentals in Phoenix, AZ!


$295 – $350/HR., Depending on Date / Location

Our Professional Kid’s Party Magic Show will AMAZE you!

Our children’s party magicians are all members of the California Magic Academy, and have over 10 years experience performing at children’s birthday parties, school events, libraries, store openings and any event where there are kids looking for entertainment!

Our Kid’s Party Magicians will keep all the children at your birthday party laughing with amazement at the dazzling magic tricks they perform. HOW do they DO that??? Plus, the birthday person gets to be the Magician’s Assistant, and help them make the magic happen!

Children’s Party Magicians and Magic Shows for kid’s birthday parties are a great idea for entertainment for children of all ages, especially for kids ages 3 – 12 years old. All of our kid’s birthday party magicians have performed 100’s of shows at children’s birthday parties, schools, corporate events, fairs and festivals.A professional children’s entertainment magician from Fun Factory Parties for Kids is able to accomodate any size crowd, and our children’s birthday party magic show is fully adjustable to the space requirements of your particular venue.Kid’s party magicians are great entertainment for children ages 3 and up. Once children have reached the age where they are able to sit and watch a real kid’s birthday magic show, then they are ready for some great, wholesome entertainment!

Our birthday party magicians for children also have plenty of experience performing shows for adults, so if you are looking for some great entertainment that will bring the whole family together, and be great for both younger children and adults, then a Professional Magician is a great choice for your party!


We have magicians for hire EVERYWHERE. Our California Magicians are available in: sunnyvale los gatos San Jose Magician Palo Alto San Francisco Los angeles Kids Magic Show Beverly Hills Menlo Park Fremont Milpitas Redwood City Kids Party Magician Orange County Newport Beach Sherman Oaks San Diego California. In Texas we have kids party rental Magicians in Dallas Austin Houston, Texas. We go anywhere you are having your next children’s party or kids event!

The size of this show is fully adjustable, and can be done indoors or out, and is great for kids ages 5 to 95! The entire package, which includes one hour of set – up, followed by a fantastic one hour show, is available for $275.00. Wow!

Don’t forget that you can also Rent a Clown for a kids party! Our Kids party Clown rentals for for children’s birthday parties include a magic show balloon animals and face – painting, too! So if you’re looking for a great package of entertainment for children that includes magic tricks for kids, then a Magic Clown Kids Party Rental is a great idea!