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Fun Factory Parties, the party provider in California, always get questions regarding as to what makes an ideal birthday party. The answer to this question is numerous activities coupled with party games make a classic birthday party. Parents must choose unique and original party games in order to make the birthday party successful. The games for kids under six should be full of fun and simple. For kids aged 7 to 10 you can go for games with challenges. For older children games like brain teasers, sports games, scavenger hunts and other outdoor games fit the bill. Here are some of the games you may intend to choose at your kid’s birthday party:

Sleeping Lions games, in this game each kid present at the birthday party venue has to drop to the floor and has to act without moving and eyes shut, anyone who moves is out.

Then there is pass the parcel game, in which children sit in a circle, and on music children have to pass the parcel around the circle. When music stops, a child who is holding the parcel has to unwrap the first layer of the parcel. This game continues till the parcel is fully unwrapped. The kid who unwrap the parcel in the end gets the prize.

There are other interesting games like pin the nose game, which is very popular with children. You can take any popular character like Elmo or Yo Gabba Gabba party characters and start playing “pin the nose” game. In this game children have to put the nose of the character at the right place. You will be surprised to see the buoyant mood in the party during the course of the game. Games bring freshness in a party. Likewise there are unlimited games to choose from. You can also hire clowns and magicians at a party to make it more interesting.

Fun Factory Parties in California have accomplished more than 25,000 such shows and know the pulse as to how these parties become memorable. You can hire their services by calling at 1-888-501-4FUN.

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