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  • Please Note : We must have 2 valid phone numbers for all orders. Second Number may be home / cell or friend or family member. We ONLY ship rental property if 2 valid phone numbers are provided.
    "I accept this signature as part of a valid and legally binding rental contract. By signing this online document I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions expressed therein."
  • I am submitting the information above to FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM in order to hold a reservation for a MASCOT COSTUME RENTAL. I understand that FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM will be making a charge to my credit card as payment for the above reservation. I accept these charges and understand that by placing this reservation I will be receiving rental merchandise in exchange for payment. I understand that the item I will be receiving from FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is a rental item and not for permanent sale. I understand that the item is due back for return to FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM on the Monday following my event date no later than 5:00pm, unless otherwise specified in writing by FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM. I understand it is my responsibility to return the item to any designated UPS store or dropoff center and to email a copy of my UPS dropoff receipt to FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM in order to verify date & time of rental return. I understand that I may be charged late fees for items not returned by the time frame specified above. These late fees may be charged at the rate of $75/ per day for each day of late return, up to a maximum charge of $500.00. I understand that my credit card may be charged this fee and I accept these charges as part of my rental agreement. I understand that my rental includes the price of shipping to me and that I will be billed for return shipping up to $15.00 per item. I understand that I am responsible for signature on delivery for any items so requiring. I will accept rental charges for any items shipped to me by FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM and I agree to provide a valid signature for acceptance of delivery as required. I understand that if I am not available for signature or refuse signature or delivery I am still required to reimburse FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM for rental fee. CANCELLATION POLICY: There is a $75 minimum charge for all cancelled items. This fee will be charged if cancellation occurs prior to item shipment date. Due to shipping costs, FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM does not issue refunds for rental items after they have entered the UPS system. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM does not issue refunds for illness, cancellation of event, cancellations due to weather or Acts of Nature. I accept the above terms and agree to pay all fees as outlined above and to return rental items in compliance with terms outlined above.

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