Fun Factory Kids Parties


What makes The Fun Factory so special? Our friendly, talented staff of party performers! Each of these performers loves what they do, especially seeing the happy smiles on the children’s faces!

Our costumes look great on the outside, and here are the friendly and dedicated performers who make them come to life!

Each of these folks helps The Fun Factory live up to our motto of “Professional, Reliable, and FRIENDLY!”


Another of our performers who comes to us from the world of education, Mike is a teaching professional working with grades K-6 . In addition to his work in the classroom, he also tutors kids in math and writing skills in an after – school tutoring center in West San Jose.

In addition to his teaching work, Mike is pursuing a career as a professional actor. In fact, Mike has recently landed the starring role in the upcoming independent film “Hunting Ground”, due out next year! Congratulations, Mike!

When not involved in his teaching or acting career, Mike makes time for his other favorite hobbies, including writing, fitness, and playing the piano.

Mike loves to perform, and brings the same high energy level to every appearance, whether its in a professional film production or one of the 100’s of kid’s birthday parties he’s gotten rave reviews at!

Mike likes all the characters he plays, and his specialty is super – heroes! He is well known for his enthusiasm and ability to really get a group of kids involved in the fun!

The Fun Factory is especially pleased to congratulate Mike for recently performing at his 250th birthday show! That’s a LOT of birthdays he‘s helped make extra fun!



Nathan is another of our Fun Factory performers with an interesting set of hobbies! One of his many interests includes Dragonboat Racing (that‘s him in the picture!).

He is not only a participant in this exciting, high – energy sport, he also coaches other athletes at both the high – school and college level.

In spite of his busy schedule of athletics and performing, Nathan makes time for volunteer work, which is an important part of his life. He currently volunteers for the N.A.A.A.P. (Non-profit Organization for Asian American Professionals) as well as volunteering his time at his church.

Nathan’s other eclectic group of hobbies includes Martial Arts, magic, balloon twisting, traveling, cooking, and film.

Nathan has a wide variety of career training, which includes Software Support Engineer, Financial Services Advisor, even a part – time job as a professional Blackjack dealer!

Currently, Nathan is hard at work pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts, with the goal of eventually becoming a writer and restaurant reviewer for a major publication.

Another of our multi – lingual (and multi – talented!) performers, Nathan is fluent in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese. We’re proud to have Nathan on our team of performers!


Norman is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. Although his studies keep him busy, He still makes time for his other hobbies, including reading, hiking, and League Softball.

Norman really enjoys his part – time work as a Party Performer! He likes making kids smile, and enjoys doing something that is different from his academic life.


Nicoleta holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Oradea, in her native country of Romania. She has strong computer skills, and management experience from the retail store she ran with her husband in Romania.

Nicoleta has also lived in Spain for 2 years before coming to live in America. Another of our multi – lingual performers, she can speak and write in English, Spanish, and Romanian! Her hobbies include reading, music, and spending time with her husband and 13 year old daughter.

Nicoleta has performed over 150 Character Party shows – and she’s looking forward to many more!





Eric is currently enrolled in his Junior year at San Jose State University, where he majors in Business and Computer Science.

Eric enjoys reading, traveling to foreign countries, camping, and doing volunteer work for a local environmental organization.

We’re happy to have Eric on our team of Character Party Performers – we really appreciate his energy and enthusiasm!

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