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1st Birthday Party Ideas!

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If you are a parent of a toddler having their first birthday, has lots of great 1st Birthday Party Ideas! You can rent a birthday party costume character Elmo Paw Patrol or clown for children’s parties. Now that your toddler is going to turn one-year-old, and you are excited as to how you are going to celebrate the birthday party of your toddler. You turn towards your colleagues and want to take their views about organizing the birthday party. But you are aware that there are thousands of ideas to choose from, and there comes a stage you get disappointed and stressed when you are unable to make up your mind you can take the assistance of Fun Factory Parties, entertainment provider in California. Here are a few birthday party ideas which will help you in having a classic birthday party.1st birthday party ideas Rent Elmo Costume Character!

Keep birthday party simple – Fun Factory Parties provider in California reveals that you can keep the first birthday party of your kid a simple affair. You can choose simple party theme like Elmo. The kids at the birthday party should have a blast, when they see their favorite party character around. Fun Factory Parties can arrange a look-a-like of Elmo, when they provide a party character. You can include cars and trains for boy’s party or dolls for a girl’s party.

Make a guest list – It is necessary to come out with a guest list at the planning stage; this will help you save a lot, as you would be aware how many guests are arriving.

Decorate the area – As it is a first birthday party, it is a good idea to decorate the area with balloons; they are cost effective and look marvelous at the venue.

Add some fun – You can choose various activities on the Elmo party celebrations. For example, you can draw an outline of the Elmo and request the kids to color it. Moreover, ask the kids to decorate a poster of Elmo and put their name beside the poster. Children can now take this poster with them as a party favor. You can request the parents to take care of the poster and show their kids about this creation. So it will be a memorable affair at the Elmo party theme. You can also encourage kids to write a quick story of five to six lines and ask them to read out. So there will be fun around.

Fun Factory Parties is always there, who can help you in turning the first birthday party of your kid a grand success.

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