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My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes Rentals!

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Rent My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes!

Rent My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes Rainbow Dash Pinky PIeLittle children everywhere in The U.S.A. REALLY LOVE the My Little Pony birthday celebration  mascot costume entertainers! Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie mascot performer rentals are a DYNAMITE way to perk up any type of kiddie or girl’s fun. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is actually the best online source on the net for where to look for My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes Rentals! Our clients will be able to find real-life Pinky Pie or Rainbow Dash toddler birthday bash parties entertainment or rent the mascot costumes. Either decision is really a terrific strategy to get any sort of My Little Pony style birthday bash character rental idea!

Pinky Pie and Rainbow Dash My Little Pony mascot entertainment rentals are for hire in any place in the U.S.A! Our clients can easily choose online children’s festivities performers for rent in Los Angeles. L.A. and the SF Bay Area along with Orange County and San Jose. For My Little Pony style toddler birthday celebrations away from California, give us a call or web mail to get a totally free kid’s party rental quotation! My Little Pony mascots for adults size are $196 for each. Live birthday celebration costume character performers are $225 – $500 each for a sixty minute rental.

My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes Rentals!My Little Pony Adult Mascot Costumes Rentals! Pinky Pie Rainbow Dash

It’s simple to Rent My Little Pony Mascot Costumes in Adult Sizes anywhere you want to in the U.S.A. Anyone can easily rent an adult size mascot of both Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie. Rent a single one, or order all of them as a package! Mascot costume rentals are $196 each. Mascots are rented for a 3-4 day stretch. Mascots are sent to you via UPS and show up 2-3 days before your child’s birthday reception. Suit up  throughout  Saturday and Sunday, and just drop it off at any UPS business to return it. Smooth!

Don’t forget that you can always rent LIVE My Little Pony kids birthday entertainment character performers. Birthday parties costume character rentals are available throughout Los Angeles L.A., Orange County and the general San Jose SF Bay Area. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM makes it quick and convenient to order My Little Pony Adult Sized Mascot Costume Rentals!

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