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Magicians for Kids Open the World of Wonder

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Everyone remembers that special kids’ birthday party where a magician made an appearance. Nothing compares with magic seen through the eyes of a child. Magician Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco bay area are always a hit! Kids are being entertained, amused and delighted while their whole world of wonder opens wide. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 501 4FUN can provide fantastic magic shows and children’s birthday party magicians ANYWHERE in California!

Curiosity is one of our greatest gifts and it starts the second we start to experience our world. Kids watch a magician with open eyes and accepting hearts. They believe that what they see is real, but at the same time they are curious to make it fit in what they have experienced. It starts their reasoning wheels turning and leaves them with a memory they can relive and re-reason.

Hiring a magician for a kids’ birthday party in San Jose is easy. Available to perform for any size audience, children only need to be old enough to sit and enjoy the show. That age is usually about 3 because once the show starts, they will be held in rapt wonder watching the magic acts that entertain and delight.

A professional magician will be able to keep the kids amused with tricks using balloons and other physical props that will disappear and reappear before their own eyes. Tailoring a show to the age of the kids is very important and a professional magician will be able to do that. Being able to relate to kids and know what is an age-appropriate trick is another skill you can expect from a professional magician. You don’t want to hire someone who does tricks that are scary for kids, like cutting an assistant in half. The best entertainment for kids involves fun, humor and objects they can relate to, like bunnies and balloons. Tricks with knives and fire are inappropriate for a kids’ magic show.

A good magician will come prepared to put on a one hour show and usually can work indoors or out. If you hire a kid’s magician, they will be prepared to perform for an audience of roughly ages 3-12. They will gear their performance to those ages because of the reasons above and probably use the birthday child or guest of honor as an assistant. Doing that adds another level of believability to the act and engages the audience in the magic experience.

Entertaining older kids with magic involves a higher level of complexity to the show. Kids of that age have better reasoning skills and are much more skeptical so magicians have their work cut out for them as this audience will be much more demanding. They will expect to be convinced of the validity of the magic and will inspect it from every angle to prove it’s just a trick.

Hiring a kids’ magician in San Jose will be a show remembered for a lifetime. A professional magic act will enthrall and engage kids, while creating a sense of curiosity that will last a lifetime.

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