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Birthday Party Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

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Birthday Party Mobile Petting Zoo RentalsAnimal theme birthday parties for kids are always a HIT! Having a pony or mobile petting zoo rental at a children’s event is a great way to give both large and small groups of kids a fun and educational time. Young children just love being around animals, and having a mobile petting zoo around is a great way to give them the experience of being able to interact with animals they might not normally encounter. If you are planning a kid’s birthday party, school or corporate event and looking for something fun for the kids to do, is a great place to call for Birthday Party Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

If you live in the Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose San Francisco bay area of California, you can rent pony rides and children’s party mobile zoos and have them delivered to you at whatever type of venue your event may be held in. Mobile zoo rentals and pony rides are great for private homes and backyards as well as for schools, parks and churches. All kinds of animal theme parties are available, from mobile zoo rentals to party ponies and even reptile and insect shows. If your event will be in Los Angeles or Orange County you can check with your local parks department to see what type of regulations they have for renting a petting zoo or pony rides for birthday parties. In the San Jose San Francisco bay area, there are lots of venues available to have a pony party or a mobile petting zoo. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and ask what the regulations are. Fun Factory is able to provide suggestions, but because park regulations change very often we are not able to guarantee that our current rules are still valid.Rent mobile zoo los angeles kids party

The best ages for animal theme parties involving mobile zoos and ponies are between the ages of 1 – 11 years old. Younger children and toddlers are just fascinated by small animals, and it doesn’t take much time before the start to fall in love. Kids don’t need a lot of explanation, just being around the animals is enough. And will always provide a friendly and helpful staff person to oversee the petting zoo rental and make sure all the kids are safe and having a terrific time. There are plenty of options available for animal theme parties, so feel free to give a call or email for a free quote, and plenty of tips on how to make your birthday party GREAT!

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