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Like & Share with your family and friends... is a great place to Buy pinatas online! In a birthday party piñata plays a significant role, says Fun Factory Parties entertainment provider in California. Traditionally piñata is filled with candies, as kids feel satisfied with candies. But in order to fix the candy in the piñata you have to focus on the size of the candies. To fill a piñata you can choose bubble gum, mints, sweet tarts, taffy etc. As piñatas comes in different shapes and sizes, a majority of piñatas can hold up to 2 to 3 pounds of candy.

You can choose piñatas according to the theme of the party for example; you can have a piñata based on Dora the Explorer theme, or why not choose one that of Elmo or Disney Party theme characters. You can also choose small toys as piñata fillers. You have to choose the small toys carefully so that they may not cause blocking of the path.

Now-a-days you can purchase the fillers of the piñatas from almost any store offering birthday party supplies and favors. You can surprise the kids by adding a wrap up on festive birthday piñata confetti. The vibrant color of confetti will make the atmosphere jovial where there will be a glittering glow as soon as a piñata is opened up. One package of confetti is adequate for an average size piñata.
If the birthday party is for toddlers, you can choose piñata based on Elmo or Dora the Explorer party theme. Moreover, Disney Party theme characters or one of the characters from Yo Gaba Gaba party theme will definitely suit as a piñata. Children will love to crack these piñata showcasing the shape of one of their favorite characters.

Now that your piñata is filled up now you can play around any piñata game. For example, blindfold any kid’s eyes and ask him/her to crack open the piñata with a colorful bat. Most of the piñata bats come are 18” to 30” in lengths. There will be lot of fun when children will make an attempt to crack the piñata. These types of activities brings smile on the faces of children, after all children attend the birthday party for sheer joy and excitement. These party games are really fun filled.

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