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Birthday Party Pony Rides and Mobile Petting Zoo Rentals!

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Fun Factory Kids Parties and children’s birthday party entertainment agency has lots of great ideas for planning your next birthday party!  They have offices all over the U.S. including branches in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles California as well as kids birthday party planning in Dallas, Houston and Austin Texas.  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM says there are many kids party pony rental ride packages available for a great child’s birthday party or picnic for you to choose from. It is a known fact that children love ponies and petting zoos at their birthday parties, and they can easily ride a horse by the age of 7. So it won’t be a problem if you are going to organize a pony ride birthday party for your kids, even toddlers can enjoy having an animal theme or petting zoo at their party!


However, when you start sending the invitations you should let your guests know that you intend to organize a pony ride birthday party, as it will help guests to come prepared.

In a kids party pony ride or children’s petting zoo rental package all the kids get a chance to ride on a pony or pet and feed the animals in the petting zoo. Our professional staff members are there to look after the very young riders. For teens in a group, we give various lessons/training on horse riding.


Fun Factory party rentals for kids also makes clear what precautions one can take while riding a horse or children’s pony ride. Children will feel on top of the world when they will get a chance to ride a pony at their birthday party, or touch and pet the animals in the petting zoo!

Apart from pony rides we can also bring a mobile petting zoo for children to get a thrilling experience at your door step. The attraction of the kids birthday petting zoo is the inclusion of small, friendly ponies. Kids will be amazed to see little ponies right in their own backyard! So all in all it will be a fantastic experience for all the children when you hire Fun Factory Parties pony ride package for a special occasion.


Apart from a pony ride theme on the special day, you can also include various other games for children, says Fun Factory Parties and children’s party equipment rentals in California and Texas. This will help those children who are not interested in a petting zoo or pony ride. Call Fun Factory Parties right now for an astounding pony ride party for your next child’s birthday party or special event!   888-501-4FUN!


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