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Kids of all ages from toddlers up thru teens also for their birthday party.  This is the day when they are surrounded by all their friends and the whole day is dedicated to having fun at their birthday party. Fun Factory Parties is a children’s entertainment and kids party rental company with offices all over California including parties for kids in Orange County and children’s party entertainment rentals in Los Angeles, San Francisco San jose and Sacramento, California. They have lots of great ideas and options for Birthday Party Rentals for children!  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM suggest that parents should also involve their kids in the party planning process. All this will help party to run smoothly. From planning birthday party invitation cards to decorations for childrens events, choosing a party theme or selecting the right birthday party games for kids parties, involve your child in making their own decisions. Kids know what they like at their birthday party, and it will take a lot of the hassle and stress of off you as a parent or children’s party planner by getting their help and feedback in choosing the type of entertainment that will work best for them.

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As far as choosing the right children’s party games, Fun Factory Parties suggest some ongoing best birthday party ideas for your toddler or young child’s party:

Mall Scavenger Hunt: In this game you could ask your guests to hunt 13 or 14 items depending on the age of your child from 14 napkins of the same color or 12 photos of a famous party character or 12 different colour bottles. You can give prizes whoever detects the items you hide. This way there will be fun all around. You can purchase other items too which you wish to implement in the game according to your budget.

Kiss the Cutie party game – Fun Factory Parties suggest you can hang up two posters of famous personalities, now ask any guest about their favorite personality and the other personality who he/she hate most. Now blind fold the boy and girl and spin them, ask them to kiss the posters of their choice with their lips quoted heavily with lipstick. This situation will be hilarious and add charm to a teen’s birthday party.

For party supplies for teenage birthday party you can take the assistance of Fun Factory Parties provider in California.

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