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Bubble Guppies birthday party costume characters!

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Molly bubble guppy costume character rentals mollie bubble guppiesEvery year there will be a new birthday party costume character to come along and really become huge. This year the biggest new character without a doubt is the Bubble Guppies. has been offering children’s birthday party costume character rentals for over 23 years, and this is one of the most popular characters they have ever had. Kids just love the Bubble Guppies!

Parents who are planning a Bubble Guppies theme birthday party for their children can easily rent Bubble Guppies birthday party costume characters! Bubble Guppy party character rentals are available anywhere in the USA. You can either rent a Bubble Guppy costume such as Molly, Gil or Goby or you can choose to have a live bubble guppy entertainer at your party. Bubble Guppies costume rentals can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Bubble Guppies mascot rentals are usually for a three day time period for $145 per costume. You can place your order online in just a few minutes and have the costume shipped to your home, school or place of business.bubble guppies costume characters kids birthday party mascot rentals gil molly mollie

Mascot costume rentals are a fun and easy way to keep children entertained at your party. If you would like to hire a live bubble Guppies birthday character like Molly, Gil or Goby you can easily do that as well if you live in California in Los Angeles or Orange County. Fun Factory parties offers live children’s birthday party character rentals year round. Parents who live in the San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento area can also rent a live bubble guppies entertainer. Fun factory parties sends live children’s birthday party entertainers all over California, so give them a call to arrange your event. If you are planning a child’s birthday party or special events outside of California you can also rent a bubble guppy entertainer. Give a call or send an email with your party date and location for pricing and availability.

rent bubble guppies mascot costumes gil goby molly mollie kids birthday party Bubble guppies mascot costumes will fit any adults between 5 feet tall up to 6 foot four. They arrive approximately three days before your event. To recruit return the costume to fun factory, simply drop it off at your local UPS store on the Monday after your event. It’s fast and easy! Whatever your birthday party theme give fun factory a call and have a great party!

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