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dora-the-explorer-kids-party-rental-childrens-costume-characters-parties-entertainmentchildrens party character rental dora explorer rent kids parties costume san jose san francisco los angelesIf you want to choose a great theme party  for your children’s event, one of the most popular ideas out there right now is Dora the Explorer. Having a Dora Explorer Kid’s Party Character rental at your child’s birthday party or special event will really make your party great! makes it easy to find Dora the Explorer birthday party costume character rentals! Toddlers love Dora and her friends boots, diego and swiper. They will feel proud that you have chosen this theme for their birthday party, says Fun Factory Parties for Kids, children’s party agency in Los Angeles and San Jose, as well as party planning for kids birthday parties in San Francisco and other parts of California and Dallas and Houston, Texas. You can easily hire an Adult size dora explorer kids parties mascot entertainer in orange county, los angeles or san jose and san francisco bay area.

If you wish to choose a party venue that has plenty of open space like a park or forest it will really help to go along with the theme and keep the kids believing that you are in the vicinity of Dora the Explorer. You can engage the young boys and girls in various activities during the course of the birthday party like asking them to collect different kinds of leaves or rocks, and whoever collects the most during the time limit will receive a special gift. This way you will be amazed to see the children running here and there, laughing with joy as every day objects beome prizes in a special kid’s birthday party game. You can also hide one of the characters of Dora the Explorer like Swiper the fox and ask kids to find it with their imagination.

You can print, color and decorate various characters of Dora the Explorer at various locations. You can also get the kids to act like Dora. After the fun activities, kids can become tired, so whip up Dora snacks, and prepare food according to the recipes pertaining to Dora like Swiper peanut butter and jelly sandwiches including Dora cupcakes, cookies grilled cheese sandwiches with shapes like star etc. Kids can also invent their own trail mix with chocolate chips, dried fruit, cereal and nuts etc.

You can thank the kids by presenting them Dora party favor like yellow bracelets, plastic compasses, magnifying glasses, star shaped items etc., reveals Fun Factory Parties for Kids, who are the number one kid’s birthday party provider in California.  We have offices all over  the USA  including california kids party rentals in San Jose and San Francisco along with locations in Menlo Park and Sherman Oaks as well as children’s party equipment rentals in Orange County and Dallas, Houston and Austin Texas. Have a great kid’s birthday party!

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