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Lots of people having a birthday party for kids ages 1-9 years old spend time thinking about what is the best type of entertainment to have for this age of children. Fun Factory parties for kids gets asked all the time, ‘Is my child the right age to have a clown or children’s birthday party character’? There are some pretty easy and simple answers to this question. Using a very easy to follow rule of thumb, you can determine what is the right entertainment choice for your child’s party or children’s event. Finding the right rental for a kid’s birthday party or toddler parties can be easy!

A good basic rule for choosing kid’s party entertainment services is basing it on the age of the birthday child, as well as the ages of the other children who will be attending the party or school event. If most of the kids are going to be toddlers or younger than 5 years old, then fun factory  kids parties definitely recommends a fun children’s birthday or toddler birthday party character like elmo, dora explorer, yo gabba gabba, etc. The reason these great toddler kid’s birthday party characters are a great choice for kids of that age is that the activities they do (such as music, games, singing, giving away toys and other party favors, etc) are perfectly suited for children of that age range. All the games the party characters do are simple and easy to play, even for a child from 1, 2 3 years old and up.

If the kids at the party will be mostly 5 years old and over, then fun factory parties recommends hiring a kids party clown or finding a children’s birthday party magician. By the age of 5 years old, kids have a slightly longer attention span and can keep up better with the activities that a clown or magician will perform. A good kid’s birthday party clown can do lots of fun activities like make balloon animals in many different shapes and styles, paint all the kid’s faces with colorful designs, maybe even do some magic tricks, juggling or party games for the kids. An experienced children’s party clown should have a minimum of 5 years professional experience as a kid’s party performer before an agency should consider hiring them.

Fun factory parties has branches all over california, like sacramento, los angeles, beverly hills, santa monica, palo alto, menlo park, san jose and san francisco. We also have branches in dallas and houston, texas. Give us a call for advice or questions about planning your next child’s birthday party!

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