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Dora Explorer Party Characters!

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Dora Explorer Party Characters!

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Rent an Elmo costume for kid’s birthday party

Dora Explorer Party Characters!If you are having a party for children, and you are wondering what type of entertainment to provide, Fun Factory Parties has a great idea. They are a great place to find Dora Explorer Party Characters! If the children at your birthday party will be mostly under the age of 7, one thing to definitely consider is renting a kid’s party mascot costume like Dora Explorer, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob or any of 100’s of other possible choices.

Fun Factory parties is available to rent you these fun, friendly one – size – fits – all party character costumes, and to ship them right to your door in time for your party! It’s one of the easiest and most economical types of entertainment you can get for a kid’s party or event. For around $158, you can get an almost new Elmo, Dora, Spongebob or Scooby Doo mascot costume shipped right to your home, school or office.

You can keep the costume for up to 72 hours, and wear it as much as you’d like! The costume comes clean and fully ready to be used at your event. If your party lasts all day, you can wear the costume all day with no extra charges. Or if your event is going to last longer than one day, you can wear the costume each day. Once you have the costume, you can wear it as much as you like for the same low price of $158. It’s definitely one of the easiest and most cost – effective ways to provide entertainment for any event for children, such as a birthday party, school event, corporate or office party.

Dora Explorer Party Characters!

Of course, you also always have the option to just hire a person directly to come and wear the costume. In that case, the party character will do a whole show with music, games, songs and party favors for kids. This package comes complete with everything you need, including a fun and friendly kid’s party performer to wear the party mascot costume.

Call fun factory parties for costume rental anywhere in the u.s., or for entertainment services in california, like palo alto, menlo park, san jose, san francisco, los angeles, sacramento, orange county, san diego, or in texas with offices in dallas and houston. Thanks for reading, have a great kid’s party!

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25 comments on “Dora Explorer Party Characters!
  1. Avatar for Tori zamora Tori zamora says:

    How much for the Elmo costume?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi Tori – thanks for your email. I hour Elmo kid’s party rental show = $225, or you can rent the Elmo Costume character mascot for $125. See our website under or give us a call at 888 501 4FUN thanks! -jeff

  2. Avatar for jessica green jessica green says:

    Was wondering if you all rent out party costumes and if so how much and how fast can it be here. Thanks

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      We rent costumes $125 each, takes 3 – 10 days depending on location – thanks! 888-501-4FUN

  3. Avatar for lupe lupe says:

    How much would it be to rent both dora and diego costume for a birthday party? My daughters bday is in october… how much in advance should i reserve.

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – The costumes are $125 each. We reserve about 6 weeks in advance. Thanks! 888-501-4FUN

  4. Avatar for Brando wright Brando wright says:

    I would dora to show up at my daughters first birthday.

  5. Avatar for Monique Monique says:

    I am interested in renting the Dora costume for a birthday party 4/27/2013. Is it available? What is the price?

  6. Avatar for Lucho Lucho says:

    Is the Elmo costume available for rental on 5/11/13? Do you have a location in Houston, TX?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Yes it’s available for $125, we are in Houston and we ship you the costume. 888 – 501-4FUN thanks

  7. Avatar for Kimbia Kimbia says:

    Hi! Do you have the Dora costume available on 4/13/13?

  8. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Can u send it to queens ny?

  9. Avatar for MJ MJ says:

    I need to hire elmo or dora mascot for my 2 year old girl party may 18. Please give referral for Benecia, California. Thank you!

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi! 1 hour kid’s party Elmo show = $225, call 888 501 4FUN . We have 5/18 open – thanks! -jeff

  10. Avatar for Michelle Robinson-Hughes Michelle Robinson-Hughes says:

    I would like to rent Dora for my granddauther
    Birthday May 25, Please give me a call
    (202) 905-5345.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – You can rent a Dora Explorer kids party Costume for $125, give us a call at 888 501 4FUN thanks!

  11. Avatar for samii samii says:

    hi, do you guys ship to oelwein iowa? how long can we keep the costume? do you guys have a boots costume also?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      hi- we ship our kids party costume rentals anywhere in the us, $125. We have boots diego and dora – thanks 888 501 4fun

  12. Avatar for LJ LJ says:

    Is it possible to rent for only 1 day for a lower rate?

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