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Kid’s Parties Costume Character Rentals!

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Hire Live Children’s Birthday Character Entertainers!

Kid's Parties Costume Character Rentals!

Remember when you were little and you wanted a certain themed costume character birthday party more than anything in the world? Well now FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM makes it easy to hire your own Kid’s Parties Costume Character Rentals! Kids today may have a new set of idols, but the yearning for that perfect costumed character to show up at your party is timeless.  Hiring a real live birthday character costume entertainter is a sure way to make your child’s party a hit! And nothing guarantees success more than that special guest—when Elmo or Yo Gabba Gabba shows up, that “Wow” factor is undeniable—the look on kids’ faces is priceless. (Come on; raise your hand if you still remember that princess party you had when you were 6 and how great it was…) Happily, the Fun Factory can make all those dreams come true. Give us a call at 888 501 4FUN for all your kid’s party rental needs!

Kid’s Parties Costume Character Rentals!

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So grab your backpacks and let’s go! (If you have an under-6 in your house, you’ll recognize the lyrics from Dora the Explorer’s theme song.) One of the most popular characters for the preschool set for some time now, Dora appeals to both boys and girls. Kids love Dora’s spunkiness and her love of exploring–she’s adventurous and familiar at the same time, which is why she makes a perfect birthday-party character. Plan a Dora party with our Dora the Explorer costume character rental, one of the many children’s party costume characters available. We have locations throughout California–in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San José, and more, so you can be sure there’s one near you!

We have everything you need to make the party a success—whatever kids’ party rentals you need, we have them! So you can stop worrying about how many places you’ll have to go to for supplies, and start getting into the party spirit!

Check out our website (, get in touch, and we’ll help you plan the perfect kids’ party–the kind your kids will remember when they’re adults and someone says, “What was the best birthday party you ever had?” Make it a themed character party from the fun Factory!
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