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Cotton candy machine rentals!

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Rent Kid’s Party Refreshment Machines!

Cotton candy machine rentals!One of the best ideas for a fun kid’s birthday party is to consider renting a refreshment machine.  FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM has awesome Cotton candy machine rentals! These fun and easy to use party refreshment machines are a great value, and can really make your child’s birthday party , school or corporate event special.

Kid’s party refreshment machines come on lots of different styles or selections. The most popular for a children’s birthday party or corporate event would be a snowcone machine, cotton candy maker, popcorn machine, hotdog warmer machine or even a pretzel warmer or margarita machine.

Cotton candy machine rentals!

Any of the above party refreshment machines can be rented for a party anywhere in los angeles, orange county, sacramento, san diego, san jose, san francisco, dallas texas or houston.  Renting a snowcone, cotton candy, popcorn, hotdog or other refreshment machine for a kid’s party is easy! You can rent the machine to be delivered to your home on the day of your party or special event. The refreshment machine will arrive usually from 2 to 4 hours before your party begins. One of our friendly staff members will set the machine up in a spot that’s easy and convenient for your party guests to access, and take a few moments to show you how to use the machine.

Birthday Party Refreshment Machine Rentals!

Don’t worry if you’ve never had experience operating a party refreshment machine – they couldn’t be any easier to use! For example, the show cone machine only involves scooping a paper cup into a pile of shaved ice, and then squirting a flavored syrup onto the ice. Snap! Only takes about 5-10 seconds to make a delicious snow cone.

The same thing applies to using a rented cotton candy machine. All you do is take a paper cone and twirl it around inside the spun sugar, and in about 5 seconds you will have a perfectly shaped cotton candy serving. Kid’s love having real cotton candy or snow cones at their birthday party! Perfect for a hot day, or for a carnival theme birthday party , picnic or school event.

In most cases the refreshment machine rental includes the basic supplies that you will need to operate the machine. The snow cone rental includes paper cones as well as syrups in 5 different flavors. This will provide about 50 servings of snow cones. The only thing you would need to supply would be the ice to make the snow cone. Cotton candy machine rental includes sugar and paper cones, that’s usually enough to make about 50 servings of cotton candy. If you need more, you can just buy more sugar or ask ahead of time for additional cotton candy serving supplies to be delivered with the machine rental. The popcorn machine rental is probably the easiest of all to use, as all you do is turn it on, pour some popcorn into the metal tray, hit a switch and let the machine make the popcorn. Popcorn machine rental includes enough supplies for about 50 servings of popcorn, you just scoop the popcorn into the paper bags that are provided.


You can usually get a better deal on the rental machines by renting more than one unit at a time. Most of the cost is for delivery for the first unit, usually the 2nd unit will be rented at a less expensive rate.

Whatever party refreshment machine rental you decide to go with, it’s a great addition to any party!

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  1. Avatar for Chay Coulter Chay Coulter says:

    We having a joint birthday party for a 4 year old and 6 year old. It is My Little Pony themed sometime in November. We were thinking pony rides would be fun for the kids and go with the theme, also we were looking for face painting, cotton candy, and a possible bounce house!

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – We have all the items you listed. Availability depends on date/ time / location. Pricing and info online at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM – thanks!

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