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Doc McStuffins Costume Character Kid’s Party Rentals are the Hottest New Children’s Birthday Idea!

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Rent Doc McStuffins Mascot Costume Character Kids Party RentalDoc McStuffins Costume Character Mascot Rental for Children’s Birthday Parties – The Doctor is IN!

Does your little girl or boy love the new children’s television character Doc McStuffins? Well, you’re not alone!  Kids all over America have been embracing this new children’s show.  Doc Mcstuffins is a smart young lady Doctor who fixes broken toys in her spare time!  She really opens kid’s minds up to the idea of being a Doctor, and allows them to enter into the world of imagination in which they too are helping to fix their broken toys.

The best news of all is that now you can have Doc McStuffins come to your little girl or boy’s next birthday party in PERSON! It’s true – the Doctor can arrive at your child’s party to greet the kids, play games, pose for pictures and of course sing Happy Birthday to your little girl or boy.  Kids will love seeing her at their party!

Doc McStuffins is available to travel ANYWHERE in the U.S.!  If you would like to rent a children’s party mascot costume character, you can call FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888-501-4FUN . You can have a Doc Mcstuffins costume character rental for children shipped right to your door, in plenty of time for your next kid’s birthday party!  The fee to rent this children’s party costume is $145.  The costume will arrive at your door 2-3 days before your party. You can wear the mascot costume as much as you’d like, then you return it by dropping it off at your local UPS store on the Monday following your party. It’s a fun and easy kid’s birthday party rental idea!

If you live in California, Texas or Washington you can even have Doc McStuffins make a personal appearance at your child’s birthday!  It’s possible to have the costume character come directly to your party and entertain the children with music and party games.  Doc McStuffins is available for in – person appearances anywhere in California such as Oakland, Stockton and Sacramento as well as in South California cities like Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.  In Texas she is available to come to your party in Dallas Fort Worth, Houston or Austin.

Give us a call for a great Doc McStuffins Children’s Birthday Party Theme. Have a GREAT party!

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52 comments on “Doc McStuffins Costume Character Kid’s Party Rentals are the Hottest New Children’s Birthday Idea!
  1. shawniqua slater says:

    I would like to rent Dr Mcstuffins for my daughters 1st birthday, October 26th.

    • jeff says:

      Thanks – our next available opening for kid’s party mascot costume character rental is 11/5 – thanks!

      • shanita says:

        Hi im looking to rent your Doc Mcstuffin mascot costume for 1/25/14.
        How would I go about renting it for my daughters bday party?

        • jeff says:

          Call us at least 6 weeks ahead with credit card # to place an order for a kid’s birthday party mascot costume character rental – thanks! 888 501 4FUN

  2. Jeanette says:

    How does the shipping fee work?

    • jeff says:

      It works great – we ship you the costume and you ship it back, shipping is about $10 thanks 888 501 4FUN

  3. Niy says:

    How do Iorder I need it for nov/9th (doc)

  4. Christin Copeland says:

    I’m looking to rent Doc McStuffins for my daughter’s 3 year old birthday party. Party is on 11/16.



    • jeff says:

      Hi – The costume is available for rent for $125, you can give us a call at 888 501 4FUN to make an arrangement. The deadline for 11/16 would be 10/10. Thanks!

  5. Racheal says:

    I need this by nov 23 for my daughter 5th birthday will it be available

    • jeff says:

      Hi – it is currently available for 11/23 but books up very fast. We would need the reservation by this Friday to guarantee that date. You can call us at 888 501 4FUN to reserve – thanks! -jeff

  6. jeff says:

    Great! Give us a call at 888-501-4FUN for pricing and availability on any of our kid’s birthday party mascot costume rentals. Thanks!

  7. April says:

    I am in modesto ca. Is doc mcstuffins in person available for rent in my area? Im needing oct 26th. Thank u!

    • jeff says:

      It might be, depending on what time you need. You can call 888 501 4FUN to find out – thanks!

  8. Charae White says:

    Will this character be available for a party
    on 20 Dec 13; I live in El Paso, TX. Thanks in advance for your e-mail response.

    • jeff says:

      Hi – you can check availability by calling 888 501 4FUN. Our kids party costume character rentals are $145 to rent the costume if we ship it to you, or $250 if we provide an entertainer in the costume for 1 hour. 12/13 might be open depending on the time – thanks

  9. Marcella says:

    Where are you located? We had a last minute cancel from a local vendor and need it for tomorrow 10/19 can we pick up the rental?

    • jeff says:

      Hi – we have 83 Locations, it depends what city you are in. If you know where you are located you can let us know and we will check – thanks!

  10. argelia martinez says:

    hello need to rent Doc Mcstuffins Nov 16th please advise if available!

    • jeff says:

      HI – we can check if it’s available, do you know what city you are in? thanks 888 501 4fun

  11. jasmine says:

    im looking to find a doc mcstuffins mascot for nov 16 2013 in biloxi ms do you have anything available up here

    • jeff says:

      you can rent a costume for $145 and we will ship it to you – pay by credit card 888 501 4fun thanks

  12. Niyah says:

    Nov9th it’s will be at my party yay can’t wait thank u once again

    • jeff says:

      Sure – you can give us a call at 888-501-4FUN for information about kid’s birthday part mascot costume character rentals – thanks!

  13. Michael Airhart says:

    Hi I’m looking to rent doc macstuffin for my lil girl bday party for next week is that possible. An what do I need to do.

    • jeff says:

      If you know what city you are in we can check if it’s available or you can call 888 501 4FUN, $145 to rent with credit card thanks

  14. liza pere says:

    What size is the doc mcstuffin costume. i’m looking to rent it out for march 2014

    • jeff says:

      Our kids party mascot costume character rentals will fit someone up to size 6’1 225 lbs thanks! 888 501 4fun

  15. Mickel Campbell says:

    want customer for jan 11 doc mcstuffion

  16. Bree says:

    I live in Dallas TX and my kids party is dec 15th, how would i go about having doc mcstuffins do a personal apperance?

  17. Aja says:

    I will need a doc mcstuffins appearance February 2014. We live in San Antonio. I see Austin and Houston listed; San Antonio is midway between those two cities. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • jeff says:

      Hi – We do appearances in your location. A 1 hour appearance is $250. To reserve we would need a $50 credit card deposit by 12/10/13. You can call us at 888 501 4FUN thanks!

    • jeff says:

      Hi – you can rent a Doc McStuffins costume for $125 or have a 1 hour personal appearance for $250. Call 888 501 4FUN to reserve – thanks!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Is the Doc McStuffins character (in person) rental still available for Houston? Thanks.

  19. Nahzrin reid says:

    Can you guys send to charlotte nc?

  20. Estella says:

    I was wanting to get a doc mcstuffin appearance for my little girl.. The party is on October 10. The location would be madisonville, Texas.

  21. dottie says:

    Is the Doc McStuffins character or costume rental available for 2/20/16 in Los Angeles?

    • Jeff says:

      Doc McStuffins would be available 2/20 if we got reservation no later than 5pm 2/14. Costume rental $158 1 hour live $225 / order online FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM thanks

  22. Arthur Davis says:

    I would like to to rent Dr.mcstuffin for my daughter’s 1st. Birthday party.on july.16th. Please contact me asap with the pricing for that day.

    • Jeff says:


  23. cedrikia says:

    i would like a price on renting doc mcstuffins for my baby 2nd birthday