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Dora Explorer Birthday Party Character!

Like & Share with your family and friends... is a great place to find a Dora Explorer Birthday Party Character! You can rent an adult Dora mascot costume or have a live children’s birthday party character Dora Explorer come entertain kids at your party. Fun Factory Parties provider in California, have mentioned time and again in this blog that with little planning you can have a great birthday party of your kid. If your kid is a fan of Dora the Explorer, don’t waste time in selecting other birthday party themes, says Fun Factory Parties, Dora the Explorer theme provider in California.Rent Dora Explorer Birthday Party Character!

Dora the Explorer comes out to be a fantastic party theme, as you can easily get all the party supplies from a single store due to the popularity of the theme. There are so many items to choose from as far as party supplies for Dora the Explorer is concerned viz., Dora and Friends Souvenir Cup, Dora and Friends Blowouts, Dora and Friends Cone Hats, Dora and Friends stickers, apart from this there are so many different size napkins, tablecloths, toys and banners to choose from. As soon as the guests start arriving, provide them with brightly colored, scarves, hats and vests to children.
You can play plenty of games at the party to engage children. Remember Dora the Explorer loves adventurous games. For example, you can come out with a “Puzzle Bridge” game by using different big stone shapes cut out. Write different numbers on the stone. Form a circle of the stone and ask children to walk on them, with a number written on them, now play music as children walk. As soon as you stop the music, call out a special number, whoever stands on that particular stone wins a prize.

Besides involving various engaging activities, you can make eating fun at the birthday party. For this purpose you can choose different food items according to the theme of the party. For example, can you remember the episode in which Dora the Explorer was eating bananas or apples? Likewise you can include all the food stuff shown in Dora the Explorer serial. Moreover, if you have very young kids at a party you can choose diverse food items viz., sliced apples, sandwiches, carrot sticks and cucumber, chocolate fingers biscuits, jellies any flavor, pizzas, burgers, sausage rolls and other things.

Read more such fascinating entries in this blog. Call Fun Factory Parties to book an event.

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2 comments on “Dora Explorer Birthday Party Character!
  1. Avatar for lyn ces lyn ces says:

    In San Jose I would like to rent a Dora
    Charactor to come to my 2 year olds birthday party Dec 15th Please give me a quote
    and is charactor available on that date?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      HI – We have lots of great kids party character rentals, dora explorer = $125. Give us a call at 888 501 – 4fun for info – thanks! we are in san jose, san francisco los angeles and dallas, texas

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