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Dora Explorer Birthday Party Characters!

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Fun Factory Parties organizers in California is known for introducing exceptional birthday parties in different parts of California viz., Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Fremont, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica etc. With the passage of time the birthday parties of kids have become trendy. In order to have a memorable birthday party, you are required to choose a popular theme for the party. For example, Dora the Explorer party theme is very popular, there are thus various ideas associated with this theme, says Fun Factory Parties organizer in California. They have lots of great ideas for Dora Explorer Birthday Party Characters! You can rent any of the Dora Explorer costume characters like Diego, Boots and Swiper for live parties or for adult size mascot costume rentals. Give them a call at 888 501 4FUN for advice or pricing info.

If you have finally selected Dora party theme for the birthday event, it is time to start with selecting Dora birthday party invitations. You can get a wide range of Dora birthday party invitation cards. It all needs is your creativity to come out with good invitation cards. Dora invitation cards could be in the form of a passport, you could also paste stickers of Dora or your friends on it. You may include wordings like “Enter into the Adventurous world of Dora the Explorer on my birthday (name), at (venue) on (date). You will be amazed to find so many games and activities to do on this day”.
Then you have to decide on the party supplies for Dora the Explorer party theme. Remember you have to take a cake too on the selected theme. But if you have a limited budget, choose a plain cake and add a few cake topper and Dora candles on it.

You can arrange the Dora The Explorer based party most probably outdoors. You have seen that this children serial is based on adventurous activities of Dora. You can engage all the kids in this party theme in a variety of adventurous games, like you can ask the kids to collect the treasure, which you have hidden in and around the party venue. The hidden treasure could be in the form of soft toys, and other stuff. Give a map of the venue to the kids and ask them to explore the things and find out the hidden treasure. You can gift those items to the kids as party favors, who unleashed the treasure.

Call Fun Factory Parties in California to organize a classic birthday party for you 1-888-501-4FUN.

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