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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party costume characters!

Like & Share with your family and friends... is the best place to go if you are looking for Dora the Explorer Birthday Party costume characters! You can rent an adult size Dora mascot costume or hire a live Dora Explorer kid’s birthday party character to come entertain the children at your event. If your child is a fan of Dora the Explorer cartoon character, it is time you gift your child a surprise party by choosing Dora The Explorer party theme. In the party ensure you also include friends of Dora like Boots, Diego, Swiper the fox, Grumpy old troll, Rocket Star and of course the Map and Backpack. Don’t forget to order her a Dora Explorer costume. You can easily get costume based on any party theme including Dora The Explorer from Fun Factory Parties at reasonable rates. After getting the costume based on Dora, you can see your cute child will get in the party mood and intend to play Dora The Explorer adventurous games. In your invitation cards you can also announce your intentions that costume of the day would be based on “Dora The Explorer”, this way you can see the confidence in children when they will enter the party venue and indulge in games and activities based on Dora the Explorer.Rent Dora the Explorer Birthday Party costume character adult size mascot

Dora The Explorer character intends to discover, learn and share her experiences with other creatures. Fun Factory Parties, entertainment party provider in California will be pleased to offer a look-a-like party character based on Dora The Explorer. Fun Factory Parties ensure that the birthday party would be full of fun and frolic.

In one of the performances, which adopted Dora the Explorer party theme it was revealed that the house was decorated with dora, diego and animals balloons. The guests were provided safari hat and a map too. It was fun all around. The atmosphere was jovial, all the candles, cake etc were of the shape of dora. Fun Factory Parties look-a-like character based on Dora the Explorer steal the limelight. Children were provided beautiful party favors based on this theme. On the occasion children were surprised to find a big piñata. These types of parties leave tremendous impression.

You can also easily get all the party supplies, decoration material and party favors based on Dora the Explorer, from any store or online. You can include Dora caps, backpack, school supplies like pencils, erasers, water bottles, maps etc.

Call Fun Factory Parties, party entertainment provider in California.

Like & Share with your family and friends...
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