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Dora the Explorer party theme is one of the favorite themes for parents today. If pursued the right way it could come out to be a memorable party for your kid, says Fun Factory Parties provider in California. They have plenty of terrific Dora Explorer Birthday Party Rentals! They make it easy to Rent a Dora Explorer kid’s party mascot costume character or Children’s parties dora theme inflatable bouncehouse! To make this party an extraordinary affair, Dora party should be celebrated only outdoors. You are aware Dora is mostly involved in adventurous activities. So it makes sense if Dora the Explorer party should be celebrated in a nearby park. To make the party a successful affair all things should be planned in advance. Parents can engage children in various activities on the lines of Dora the Explorer.

For example, parents could create games like absorbing children to locate hidden toys or other material by handing them over a map to find the way to unearth the hidden treasure located at different places. Offer each child a Dora back pack, which could include goodies in the form of stickers, map, torch, water bottle, a lens, lunch box etc. You can get all the party supplies on the theme of Dora the Explorer from various online stores including Fun Factory Parties website

To start game divide children in different groups and ask them to locate the treasure, you can also create small hurdles on their way, so that they can find out solution to solve the problem they encounter.

Regarding Dora the Explorer favors you can ask children to take back the goodies bag you just handed them over. However, if you are not a budget you can have more such party favors. Call Fun Factory Parties for organizing a grand birthday party 1-888-501-4FUN.

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