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Dora Explorer Costume Character Rentals!

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Dora Explorer Costume Character Rentals!FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is America’s number one choice to find Dora Explorer Costume Character Rentals! Kids Love a Dora Explorer theme birthday party. Children all over the world love Dora and all her cartoon friends like Diego,  Boots and Swiper. Children love going on magical adventures with Dora Explorer at their parties, and finding all kinds of secret treasures and learning about the world!  In Spanish her name is Dora La Exploradora, and this is a fun and easy show for children to learn about the Spanish language.


Dora Explorer Costume Character Rentals!

Dora Explorer is also a great kids party idea theme. You can rent a Dora Explorer Party character mascot costume for your next children’s birthday party!  Dora and one of her friends or even one of our happy clowns can come provide kids party entertainment orange county, los angeles children’s party rentals or anywhere in the U.S.!   You can rent a clown for a kids party or have Dora and Diego party rentals for kids come to the party and entertain all the children!

Dora can do a magic show for the kids, or you can hire a magician to come to your child’s party.   Dora La Exploradora is a fantastic kids birthday party rental idea!  You can have a Dora entertainer at your party, or rent the Dora Explorer mascot costume rental and have it delivered to your door! You can use the costume up to 72 hours, for only $125!  Dora Explorer kids party mascot costume rental can be delivered anywhere, including San JOse Los Angeles Dallas Texas Austin or Seattle!

If you’d like to choose a different kids party character rental theme, you can also rent a yo gabba gabba children’s party character.  There are all kinds of themes and styles available for your children’s party rental!  Dora birthday party ideas are fun and easy. dora invitation can be purchased online along with all kinds of dora party decorations.

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6 comments on “Dora Explorer Costume Character Rentals!
  1. Avatar for patrece patrece says:

    I want Dora the Explorer and Diego for May 18th

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Sounds good! Give us a call at 888 501 4FUN for questions related to children’s party entertainment rentals. Thanks!

  2. Avatar for Rosette McGee Rosette McGee says:

    How much to rent Dora the explorer for an hour two at the most?

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Our kids party mascot costume character rentals are $125 for the costume or $225 for a 1 hour show .If you know the date and the city, I can check if we are available – thanks!

  3. Avatar for quenita brooks quenita brooks says:

    I will like for dora n dego on oct 12 and how much will it be

    • Avatar for jeff jeff says:

      Hi – the price depends on what city you are in. If you know what city it is and what time, we can check if it’s available for you – thanks! 888 501 4fun

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