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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Ideas for children!

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dora-the-explorer-kids-party-character-rentalDora the Explorer is a cute little girl who is famous for her adventures and activities along with her monkey friend, Boots  and he her other little friend Diego. You can always find a map in her hand. She is a complete source of information and helps kids learn different things including the Spanish language. She is also fond of her backpack. If you are planning on having a Dora Explorer theme kid’s birthday party, then playing Dora the Explorer related games at your party makes a lot of sense.

One of the games you can play on the theme of Dora the Explorer includes, place small toys and objects into the selected Dora Explorer backpack, include some toys, crayons, a book, bouncy balls or other cute stuff. Now sit down in a circle and start passing the backpack from person to person. Each guest must stick his/her hand inside the backpack without looking at the inside stuff, when a person grabs an object ask him/her to identify what they are touching. If the answer is correct that person can retain the toy/stuff. This way kids can spend nice time at the birthday party, as well as earn fun toys and prizes to take home. To make the game more fun, you can sing Dora’s “Backpack” song while the game is going on.

Another game you can play is one with Dora’s friend Swiper the fox. This fox is known to cause some mischief for Dora and Boots. You can purchase Swiper related party supplies from Fun Factory Parties online party store. You can hide the Swiper toys somewhere in the party area and ask the kids to go and hunt them. Give them a map of the house, and children will go on exploring all over the place to get Swiper the fox.

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