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Dora the Explorer theme kids birthday party!

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Host a Dora Explorer children’s birthday party theme

Preschool children love Dora the Explorer, a children’s show which balances entertainment with education. Dora lives in a jungle with her family and always looks for great adventures. She loves to solve problems and teaches children shapes, colors, numbers and even Spanish with the help of her trusted monkey Boots and occasionally her cousin Diego. Dora Explorer is definitely one of the most popular children’s birthday party ideas to come along in the past few years, says Fun Factory Parties for kids. With over 20 years’ experience as a children’s entertainment party planner with offices in California Texas and chicago, they are experts at helping you plan a great kids party! They have everything you need to plan a GREAT Dora the Explorer theme kids birthday party!

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With this show children learn team work, music, math and other stuff. With so much fun and adventure involved in this TV show, it will be a hit with boys and girls alike if chosen for a theme for your kid’s birthday party.

If you happen to prefer a Dora the Explorer theme for your child’s birthday party, it will be time to start collecting the Dora party supply kits. Some of the party supplies for Dora the Explorer include larger and smaller dining plates, table covers, cups and streamers. One kit can easily decorate two table areas, says Fun Factory Parties for children in California. Give them a call any time at 888-501-4FUN for help in planning your next children’s event in Chicago Texas or California!

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Other party supplies for Dora the Explorer theme would include balloons and banners and “Invitation cards” and “Thank You notes”. Further amazing decoration for this themed party includes inflatable and self-inflating ornaments. Some of the party favors for Dora themed party include temporary tattoos, cone hats, key chains, plastic loot bags and some candy treats for the kids. As far as dominant colors for this show includes green, yellow, light purple and red.

Fun Factory Parties provider can easily turn this fantastic show into reality by arranging this birthday party theme for your child’s birthday. Fun Factory Parties can help you turn the party into a learning experience for your kid as well as their friends.  The highlight of the party would be to have Dora herself come visit the kids. Dora can come to the party and play music, sing songs, lead the kids in birthday parades and all kinds of fun and games.   If you’d like 2 characters, you can easily have dora’s friend boots or swiper come along, or her very best friend Diego.

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