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Elmo Costume Character Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

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Elmo Costume Character Rentals for Kid's Birthday Parties!Hire Sesame Street Birthday Party Characters!

We all know and love the character of Elmo from Sesame Street right?  Well this Halloween why not for a moment step into the shoes of the lovable fuzzy puppet yourself. Elmo Costume Character Rentals for Kid’s Birthday Parties are a great way to get your child’s birthday party off to a great start! Elmo is a timeless figure of children’s television programing pastime and sure to be a head-turner at your next halloween shindig.  Elmo instills that warm feeling of our childhood and is a welcome distraction from our daily responsibilities.  No other character from Sesame Street brings such joy and happiness quite like Elmo.  A party just wouldn’t be complete without that lovable red fuzzball.  Throw the Halloween party of the century with this unforgettable character of children’s lore.

Elmo Costume Character Rentals!

FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM makes it easy to hire Elmo or any of the other lovable Sesame street birthday party characters. You can have Abby Cadabby or cookie monster come directly to your child’s birthday party anywhere in california! If you live in los angeles or orange county, Elmo can come entertain your children with music, games songs and toys. you can have Elmo come to your child’s party by himself or along with one of his friends like Big Bird or Cookie Monster! Kids and toddlers ages one to 8 are the perfect age to hire a sesame street kid’s birthday party mascot costume character. If you are located in cities such as San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento California it’s a simple thing to hire a children’s birthday party character from sesame street to come to your party. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM at 888 501 4FUN has ALL the sesame street birthday party costume character rentals available.

You can also rent one of their colorful sesame street or other children’s birthday party mascot costumes. ANYWHERE in the USA FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM will deliver a professional adult size elmo mascot costume rental, or any other character of your choice! Give them a call and have a professional mascot costume rental sent right to your door anywhere you live in the USA, in plenty of time for your child’s next birthday party! Keep the costume for up to 4 days and simply drop it off at your local UPS store on the Monday after your party to return it. It’s fun and easy to have a great sesame street theme children’s birthday party!

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