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Elmo Sesame Street theme birthday parties!

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When you have decided to implement the Elmo party theme on your kid’s birthday party, one of the important tasks is sending Elmo party invitation cards. Due to popularity of this party theme, there are thousands of ideas to choose from in selecting Elmo party invitations says Fun Factory Parties provider in California. They have lots of great entertainment rentals for Elmo Sesame Street theme birthday parties!

Every Elmo party invitation cards include a classic photograph of Elmo or you there is also a choice for other Sesame Street characters. These invitation cards come in different styles. In Elmo party invitation cards everything comes pre-printed like the venue, time, special instructions to be added etc. Moreover in some cards at the front side you can include the birthday child photo along with the Elmo’s image. You can write “Elmo Loves you and invite you to a fun-filled party”.

If you have an ingenious mind, you can also create your own Elmo invitation cards. For example, you can cut a large red circle on a piece of card stock, and can write all the party details on one side and can glue long eyes and nose made from fabric on the other side to make card more attractive. For making invitation cards more attractive you can also take Elmo stickers.

Fun, games and activities are important in a birthday party, reveals Fun Factory Parties based in Ross and Los Angeles, California. There are hundreds of options before you to organize different party activities and games. But during the course of the games don’t forget to offer small prizes and appreciation tokens to the winners. Make it an effort that everyone in the party wins something. Some of the games involving fun activities include. Pin the tail on the donkey. However, you can mix this game in any theme you like, Pin the nose of Elmo or Pin the ears of Mickey Mouse etc.

Due to the popularity of Elmo around, it will be a good idea to purchase Elmo invitation cards from different stores. You can also purchase Elmo Party invitations from Fun Factory Parties website Contact:  1-888-501-4FUN.

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