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Elmo theme birthday party for kids!

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Toddlers and kids simply love to see Elmo. Ask any kid if given a chance what will s/he do with Elmo and you can receive their creative feedback, says Fun Factory Parties provider in California. They have been renting Elmo sesame street children’s party costume character rentals for over 23 years! They are your one stop party entertainment agency for Elmo theme birthday party for kids! When you decide to base the birthday party on Elmo theme, you can ensure that everything will run smoothly.  Moreover, you will get all the party supplies related to this theme easily. Elmo themed party is very popular with the children in America. All the kids love and adore this character. The kids wish to hang out and want to share their feelings with Elmo.

In this regard arranging for Elmo party theme character is highly recommended, says Fun Factory Parties provider in California. At a birthday party children can play lots of games based on Elmo. For example, you can include game like Elmo candy count. In this game you have to place different color candies in a jar which is decorated with the picture of Elmo outside the jar. Now ask the children to guess how many red candies are there in the jar? This way who ever asks the right answer get a box of candies as prize. You can also encourage the winner to share his/her candy with others. This will inculcate good habit in children around to share.You can also start a coloring activity based on Elmo theme. Ask the children to color the Elmo in different attire. This there will be fun around to see Elmo in different color apart from his favorite color red.

Have you made any plans regarding choosing the sumptuous cake based on Elmo. You can use your imagination and creative ideas to decorate cake based on this cute character of kids. On most of the shops and online stores, you could come across Elmo cake in which the emphasis on the large face of Elmo. You can order the cake from online stores or prepare it at home according to your budget, reveals Fun Factory Parties, the entertainment party provider in California. Likewise, you can also include Elmo based pizza for children and other fast food which children simply love to taste.

Call Fun Factory Parties for arranging a party based on Elmo theme 1-888-501-4FUN.

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