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Dora Explorer Birthday Characters!

Like & Share with your family and friends... is proud to offer America’s BEST Dora Explorer Birthday Characters! You can rent dora diego boots mascot costume characters for kids parties in Los Angeles Orange County Sany Jose San Francisco or anywhere else in the USA! Dora the Explorer is an undeniable an amazing birthday party theme which can appeal both boy’s and girl’s party. This party theme is all about discovery and adventure and if implemented could come out to be a really wonderful party theme anyone would have imagined in their dreams, reveals Fun Factory Parties provider in California.

Due to the adventurous status of the theme, a birthday party organizer or entertainment party provider like Fun Factory Parties could help in making this party a grand success. You can easily get all the party supplies and decoration material for this theme at one place. You can also organize this party outdoors preferably in a park, so that everything looks authentic.

Fun Factory Parties, entertainment party provider says you can easily engage children in a variety of games pertaining to this theme. For example, in one of the games you can hide the small red boots of the Boots the Monkey and ask kid to find the red boots. In order to make this game more attractive you can place one boot on different locations, so that children can have fun around.

You can also play the guessing game like ‘What’s in Backpack’? In the beginning of the party you can place various gift items/objects related to Dora the Explorer like binocular, interesting shapes, maps, texture, balls, headbands, crayons, sweets, small plastic animals or dolls. Ask the children to sit in a circle and pass the backpack, now play some music, when the music stops, ask the children who has got the backpack to guess one of the objects inside the backpack. If the answer comes out to be true you can gift that item to the kid as a party favor.

Another game which children can play is predicting the missing stuff from the Swiper the Fox tray. In this game you can close the eyes of a kid and remove one of the items displayed in the tray s/he just saw. Ask them what is missing from the tray. This ways there will be excitement all around, when kids would ponder about the missing thing.

To make the party more interesting you can hire the party character on the lines of Dora the Explorer. Call Fun Factory Parties to get more ideas for birthday parties.

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