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Finding a magician for your child’s birthday party!

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magic-party provider fun factory partiesHiring a party magician is a stressful job. Fun Factory Parties for Kids has arranged over 25000 professional Magic shows for children’s birthday parties, schools, corporate events and festivals. They know how families or corporate event planners can choose the right magician for a kid’s birthday party show. If you are planning children’s birthday party and looking for a great magic show rental, can help you in Finding a magician for your child’s birthday party! If you are having your child’s birthday in Los Angeles or Orange County, or in northern california in cities like San Jose, San Francisco or Sacramento then Fun Factory Parties at 888 501 4FUN has a staff of professional and talented magicians ready to make your party great!

Parents or businesses have to decide on the best length of the kid’s  magici show. For example a two hour party is long enough for most of the children.  Children younger than 4 may not be easily able to sit still long enough to enjoy or appreciate a full – length magic show. They can be distracted.  But kids over 4, as well as adults, can easily watch and enjoy a professional magic show of up to an hour in length.

Guest children – Don’t make the magic show at your party a crowded affair by calling too many kids. 25 to 30 children are enough, if you are organizing the party in a hall. In a home you can accommodate around 15 children, if the party will be in a living room or backyard.

Age of the guests – You have to decide which age group of children will be attending the party. For example, if the party has more younger children and the magician is performing for them, older children may get bored and vice versa.

Book your magician as far in advance as possible – If you are going to hire a high quality magician from a professional kids party provider like Fun Factory Parties (offices in multiple locations such as Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Fremont , los angeles, sacramento California, we highly recommend that you book their services in advance, as due to the heavy rush many of the most popular time slots fill up far in advance, especially around major holidays like christmas and halloween.

Distraction at the party – Avoid any disturbances or interruptions during  the magic show it will distract not only the party magician but also guests who are engaged in the show.

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