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Fun ideas to keep children entertained at a kid’s birthday party!

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children's birthday party ideas kids party rentals los angeles parties FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM  is a GREAT kids party rental and children’s event planning company serving the entire USA! They have Offices in California in cities like San Francisco and Orange County as well as kids birthday party rentals in San Diego, Sacramento and San Jose. For a kids party in Texas try one of our branches in Dallas Houston or Austin – 888-501-4FUN (4386)!

Organizing a kids birthday party is not an easy task, says Fun Factory Parties for kids and children’s entertainment rental company. Kids attention span can be quite low as compared to teenagers as well as adults, which is why kids require a little extra care. So the task of organizing a big children’s party or kids birthday party should be given to a professional who are experts in winning the heart of children or kids. Fun Factory Parties children’s entertainment rentals provider offers a few useful tips which can help you make your party fascinating:

Choose a popular theme – Fun Factory Parties provider suggest choosing a popular cartoon character on kids birthday party as it will draw their attention. Kids would get surprised and excited when they will see their favorite character performing live before them. Moreover children will feel happy to use kids parties supplies of the same cartoon character.

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Create fun all around – When you have a theme in mind; it is now time to purchase parties supplies from Fun Factory Parties provider store online. Decorate the venue with the cartoon posters, bright colors, wall murals and hangings of the cartoon character. For example if you have chosen Tom and Jerry theme use posters, toys , table mats and even tom and jerry games on this occasion to make children cry with excitement.

Choosing snacks– Snacks are the lifeline of any kids party. Kids adore snacks. Offering popular snacks, sweets, natural juices, fruit salads, burgers and cake will add charm to any kids birthday party. Choose colorful dishes, plates, napkins, cups etc related to the theme you chose.

Find the right costume character rental for your child’s party!
You’re child’s birthday is coming up and you already know you want to give them the magical birthday party you never had as a child. But where to start? One sure re way to make your child’s special day unforgettable is to hire a special guest to attend their festivities. There are hundred kids party costumed characters available for
rental for up to several hours at a time. Choosing the right character for a children’s birthday party can be the icing on your little prince or
princess’s birthday cake! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best character options for your party, no matter how old your little one is!

For your little Princess:
If a pink, sparkly party is just up your little one’s alley, consider a hiring a princess for her special day. Whether it’s Cinderella or a fairy godmother, your princess in training will be awestruck by her beautiful guest, there especially for her magical day! A little girl never forgets the first time she meets a real princess!

For your little Trickster:
If your little one is always trying to show you they’re newest trick, consider booking a magician. They’re good for entertaining boys and girls, and little ones will be tickled with their sleight of hand!
For your little scientist:
Consider contacting your local animal sanctuary. There trained wildlife experts can be hired by the hour and will show up with several fun, safe animals for the children to meet and greet with. Great for parents and kids!

Here’s a recent review from one of our great kid’s party rental customers!  Mr. Paul Frostein of Anaheim, CA writes:

“My daughter Hannah just came out to visit me for the summer. Her birthday is in July, and it was my job to plan it. I wanted something really special. Keep in mind I don’t know much about kids party rentals, and as a single, constantly working father, I don’t have a lot of time to organize events. I asked around and my friend John recommended, he said that they do petting zoo rentals, clown rentals, and costumes, they had set up a whole petting zoo for a charity event with a fairy tale theme.  I contacted Greg the manager there, and hoped they could help me make my daughter’s 10th birthday unforgettable. I spoke with Greg, and he was very helpful.

He asked me what Hannah’s interests were. He gave me some options and specials. I told them she liked horses. I wasn’t sure on a whole petting zoo, and they said they did pony rentals for kids birthday parties. I thought that she would love that, she is a big My Little Pony fan, so we decided on that for the theme. It was almost too good to be true. The rates were very reasonable, I was even able to get an option for a magic show.

It was so much help making it a special day for her. We live in San Francisco, but she moved with her mother to Dallas Texas, she hadn’t really had a chance to make a lot of new friends in Dallas. I wanted all her friends to just have a blast with her, thank goodness for Facebook helping me keep in touch with the parents!

The day was excellent, the pony rental was on time, the magician was fun and hilarious. I just can’t express how amazing it was to see Hannah just so happy with all her friends.  Anyway I could go on about Fun Factory children’s birthday party rentals and how great they are all day, but I really can’t recommend them enough. If you have any sort of party organization, or rental needs do yourself a favor save yourself some effort and call Fun Factory Parties for Kids.”

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