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Fun Factory Parties Pricing Policy

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Fun Factory Parties Pricing Policy



  1. I see that the price I’ve been quoted is different than the price listed on the FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM website. Why?

– There are MANY reasons why the price you are quoted would differ from the price online. Here are a few:

    1. FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is a nationwide children’s party rental company which has operated since 1992. We have served over 500,000 customers in every state and region of the United States. With that many different parties to service, there is no possible way we can create ONE blanket price which will apply to every customer in America and cover each of our over 5,000 available rental items.
    2. AVAILABILITY: Just because an item is listed on our website does NOT guarantee it is automatically available on the date / time and location of YOUR event. If you want a pony or petting zoo rental, a trackless train ride or birthday party inflatable, or one of our many costume character, clown or magician entertainers there is the possibility that all inventory in YOUR AREA is sold out for the date / time and location of your party. If that is the case, we will look for the CLOSEST AVAILABLE OPTION and give you  a price quote which INCLUDES MILEAGE / TRANSPORTATION AND STAFF FEES to cover the additional cost of providing service to your location.
    3.  SHORT NOTICE: We may have your service available, but if you are contacting us with short notice it may require additional staff work or overtime in order to accommodate your last – minute rental request. 98.6% of children’s party events take place on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm. Therefore, these time slots sell out FAST. If you are calling us to reserve entertainment with LESS THAN 30 DAYS’ NOTICE FOR A PRIME TIME WEEKEND AFTERNOON TIMESLOT, we will generally have to work overtime to be able to accommodate your request. This overtime staffing will add to the rate you are quoted.
    4. HOLIDAY PRICING:  Just like weekend reservations, HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS SELL OUT FAR IN ADVANCE. This includes but is not limited to:  – PONY & PETTING ZOO RENTALS FOR HALLOWEEN AND EASTER – SANTA CLAUS ON AND AROUND XMAS  – TRACKLESS TRAIN RENTALS ON OR AROUND HALLOWEEN AND XMAS . We sell out of these items locally between 3-6 months in advance. If you are contacting us for one of these high – interest items for the busiest time of the year and doing so on short notice, you may expect to be quoted a price which reflects our cost to work overtime to accommodate your request as well as staff overtime for the additional work and expedited nature of your order. LOWEST RATES AND AVAILABLILITY GO TO CLIENTS WHO PLACE THEIR RESERVATIONS WITH ADEQUATE ADVANCE NOTICE.
    5.  INSURANCE: Many kid’s party rental items require us to complete insurance processing and paperwork. This is done via a 3rd – party insurance corporation. EXPEDITED INSURANCE REQUESTS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE FOR US THAN LONG – TERM ADVANCE NOTIFICATION REQUESTS. If your rental of a pony, petting zoo, inflatable, trackless train etc will require EXPEDITED INSURANCE PROCESSING, your rate for this item will be HIGHER than the standard insurance processing fee.
    6. MILEAGE: If your event will require us to drive a distance of greater than 20 miles each direction, we may add a mileage fee based on the total distance we will be required to travel.
    7. RUSH SHIPPING: If you are placing an order to rent a mascot costume, we recommend being aware that the lowest rate is for GROUND SHIPPING. That is the pricing listed on our website. If you are ordering a mascot costume with less than 7 BUSINESS DAYS’ notice (Saturday & Sunday are NOT INCLUDED because UPS does not ship on these days) outside of California, your package may require RUSH SHIPPING in order to reach you on time. We ship by UPS and like all shipping companies, they charge a higher for for RUSH than for GROUND SHIPPING. Because we have no control over UPS charges, we must add this additional cost onto the cost of your rental item.
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