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My son’s 8th birthday party was upon us and while in years past we had done the usual bowling/pizza/ice cream party, this year not only did we want to have it at home but we wanted entertainment, too! It was time to Hire a Clown for Your Child’s Birthday Party Entertainment! Fortunately we found FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM, based in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Jose California.  We called 888 501 4FUN and got plenty of information on how to hire a GREAT children’s birthday party clown rental!  They also have clowns for rent in San Francisco, San Bernardino Pasadena Glendale and anywhere else in California you are looking for entertainment for a child’s birthday party!

Now one of his favorite books as a baby was a story about a little boy who spends the day of his birthday going to the circus where he makes friends with a clown.  While he loved his imaginary friendship with the clown in the book, the reality was every time we saw a clown in person (yes, occasionally you do see them driving around the Los Angeles area!) he was actually terrified of people dressed up as clowns!

I decided I needed to find a party rental company that not only could make his 8th birthday party happen, but provide a non-scary clown, too. That’s where the people at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM came in.  I explained to them on the phone that I wanted entertainment and a bounce house for my son’s party, specifically a clown that was not threatening who could entertain the kids and provide some comic relief to the adults, too.

The day of the party (and yes, we lucked out with gorgeous weather), the bounce house arrived and our clown showed up, too.  (The other terrific thing about FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is you can specifically request a male or female clown.  Since the clown in my son’s book was male, I thought I needed to stay in that comfort zone.)

Our clown, Sam, who described himself to our young guests as “Skateboarding Sam” arrived in full clown garb with a skateboard under one arm and a small plastic ramp under the other arm.  Around his shoulder hung an enormous bag filled with all sorts of goodies.  He quickly put the ramp down on part of our patio, did a couple of fancy skateboard moves (which the 8 year old boys were loving by the way), then proceeded to pull out all sorts of goodies from his seemingly bottomless bag.

With Sam we got not only a clown who could blow up a balloon and transform it into a robot, he also could zip by on his skateboard, stop within an inch of my son’s face and  put a peace sticker on his forehead!

Besides the skateboarding, we had the option to also have some magic tricks, face painting, and balloon animals and monsters of every shape and color.  The other great thing about “Skateboarding Sam” is he didn’t blink an eyeball when my son wanted him and only him to serve the cake!

I guess I was worried that getting a clown for my son’s birthday could have turned into a disaster, instead it was one of the best birthday parties my son has ever had.  And a few days later after his birthday party, he wanted to read me his clown book just before he went to bed.  As a Mom, that was just incredible.  Thank you FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM!

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