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Send Attractive Dora The Explorer invitation cards for your kid’s birthday party!

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Kids Love Dora the Explorer, and you can have a great Dora Theme birthday party for children any time of year! You can even rent a Dora Explorer kids party character to come to your party! You can have a Dora entertainer come to the children’s party, or if you’d prefer, you can rent a Dora Explorer costume and have it delivered to you! Dora Explorer character costume rental only $145!  Call 888-501-4FUN to ask about kids party entertainment and children’s character rentals for birthday parties!

The mere word of Dora the Explorer takes the mind away of kids to an adventure island. Dora the Explorer, as you are aware is an addicted child serial aired on Nickelodeon which provides moral lessons to the kids. If your kids are fan of Dora the Explorer, Fun Factory Parties, entertainment providers says why not thrill them by organizing a birthday party based on Dora the Explorer party theme.


Due to the hectic schedule of today’s parents they are unable to do justice to the theme they intend to implement for their kid’s birthday party. Take the example of Dora the Explorer invitation cards. There are thousands of good ideas on designing Dora the Explorer kids party invitations. No doubt you can easily purchase Dora the Explorer invitation cards from an online store or other store located near you. But if you intend to make your own invitation cards, you can do this easily as well.


In order to make Dora the Explorer invitation cards yourself, you will have to have some basic craft supplies such as sketch pens, paper, glitter pens, stickers, artificial flowers etc. You can design with an attractive invitation card in the form of a passport. You can add beautiful stickers of Dora and her cute friends in it. Write a text like “This Passport offers you lots of fun and adventure with Dora the Explorer and her friends”. With homemade invitation cards you can personalize the greetings and save a lot of money, which you can put towards entertainment, decorations or party favors.


You can also mention in the invitation card about what would be in store for kids at the party like breaking the piñata competition or pin the flower on Dora competition, in which children can win various prizes. Dora and Boots like to play with a piñata at parties and various carnivals, so it makes some sense to include this activity in the birthday party as a high priority. You can make a piñata based on Dora-themed party by filling it with objects like small toys, candies and other goodies. Instead of one you can create several piñatas and ask the kids to guess which piñata contain lots of goodies.

Call Fun Factory Parties right now to book an event for your child’s next birthday party in California, Texas Chicago Seattle or Phoenix! 1-888-501-4FUN.

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