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Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals!

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Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals!Dora the Explorer is one of the greatest themes parents can choose to implement on their kid’s birthday party, reveals Fun Factory Parties provider in California. This theme appeals to both boys and girls. Children love to involve themselves in adventurous activities, through Dora the Explorer party theme they can achieve their desired goals. Dora in the television serial is energetically involved in pursuing different adventurous themes, so it is a good idea that on a birthday party you too can involve children in various adventurous activities. makes it easy to Dora Explorer Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals! You can hire all the Dora mascot characters like Diego, Boots the Monkey and Swiper.

For example you can plan adventurous games or activities, like you can ask children to cross various obstacles in the form of cardboard boxes, pillows, tables and chairs and as soon as they cross the obstacles compliment them by uttering Dora’s favorite line, “We did it!”

You can also play games like Duck, Duck, Goose, for this game ask the guests to sit in a circle and a kid will go around the circle tapping every child and utter “Dora, Boots, Dora Boots”.

You can involve kids in a great soccer game titled Dora Soccer Curse. Purchase a child-size soccer ball. Now create various obstacles in a local park in the form of trees or bushes, logs, sandbox, flowers etc. ensure you put a final goal at the end of the obstacles. Draw all this on a map and ask children to cross the obstacles and go for goal. This way you can create fun activities around on the special day.

Fun Factory Parties can help you in organizing the birthday party on the theme of Dora the Explorer. Don’t wait call us right now 888 501 4FUN (4386).

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