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Kid’s Birthday Parties planning tips!

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Kid's Birthday Parties planning tips!FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM is proud to offer this list of great Kid’s Birthday Parties planning tips! It doesn’t take a lot of work to have a great children’s birthday party or find entertainment for kids, says Fun Factory Parties (based at Beverly Hills, Portola Valley, Belvedere Tiburon, San Francisco California)

Your children’s birthday, back to school, holiday, or other party celebration is important to you. The time, expense, and effort you put into it is a testimony of your love and care for them so you don’t want to trust the details to just anyone.
There are many important considerations to pulling off an amazing celebration. Some of these include:
· Inviting the right number of friends for the venue and the occasion
· Considering the time of day or evening for your event in relation to your guests
· Addressing the amount and type of food or snacks available
· What sort of entertainment or activities to have available

Kid’s Birthday Parties planning tips!

The number of guests is no small detail. Young children can easily become overwhelmed in crowds and a gathering of a hundred friends for a three year olds birthday party could very well end in tears for many of the children (and their parents). Alternatively, a 15 year old might get easily bored with just five of his friends and a cake. Knowing your child and their friend’s activity level and attention span is an important part of planning a successful party.
The time of day for your party is also an important detail that is sometimes overlooked. If young children are the attendees, do they have naptimes that might need to be considered? What about curfews for older children? Additionally, children of all ages have sports and other activities that might interfere, and nothing is worse than throwing a party that no one comes to because of a conflicting event.

While most kids love cupcakes, candy, and party food like nachos or sandwiches, it is important to remember that food allergies are potentially dangerous and must be considered. Asking the guests’ parents to RSVP with any pertinent information about diet restrictions is one way to ensure that your guests will leave feeling satisfied.
Other than the guest of honor, entertainment is often the highlight of a party. Bounce houses and inflatable activities such as slides and obstacles courses are a huge hit for all children. Themed parties that include clowns, magicians, or a favorite character can be the talk of the cafeteria for weeks after the event. When choosing the theme or activity for your child’s party, consider their age, activity level, and interests.
Paying attention to the details will result in your child’s party being the fun celebration you envisioned.

Here are a few tips you may like to implement in your kids party. However, in case you are unable to come up with any ideas, why not hire a party entertainer like Fun Factory Parties, who will be able to help you in your planning.

If you want the kids to have a blast at the party, it’s a great idea to plan everything in advance, we recommend at least 4 weeks ahead. Keep the party personal. But don’t stress! If you focus on the party, its theme and most importantly about the guests that it’s a sure thing your party will be remembered for a long time to come. If you think you are unable to handle everything of your own, ask for help from your friends.  or why not hire a party entertainer who will look after things, and save yourself the work? Fun Factory Parties would be able to help you in your venture no matter the size of the party.The first and foremost thing in celebrating any birthday party is that you must choose a theme for the party. with this step you will find that celebrating the party is much easier. Send all the invitations announcing the theme of the party to guests at least 2-4 weeks in advance. This will help the guests to plan accordingly.

Involve every child present in the party in games and activities, but don’t force them to play or participate in the activities if the child is shy. However, do encourage them, reward them and help them relax and get in the flow.

There are different games and activities which you can easily implement in any birthday party. Easy and popular games like Pin the tail onthe donkey game which can be incorporated along with other themes , as well other stand by games like limbo or hokey pokey.

a newer game you could try out at your next party is Swim Dorothy Swim, in which you have to purchase a large fish bowl and three orange bean bags. Children will take turns tossing the fish into the bowl. This will create a lot of fun at the venue. You can also organize a puppet show effortlessly or can ask children to create some wonderful puppets. This will engage the kids at the party.  there are plenty of great ideas out there, make your party fun and easy!

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