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Spongebob Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals!

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Spongebob Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals!

Spongebob Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals! Rent children's parties costume entertainers Los Angeles Orange County San Jose San Francisco bay area

“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Square Pants!” Over the past twelve years Spongebob has become a household name. This Nickelodeon cartoon character is loved by children of all ages, and even some adults. is the best place to find Spongebob Birthday Party Costume Character Rentals! They make it easy to rent children’s parties costume entertainers anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County. You can also find children’s parties characters in the San Jose San Francisco bay area.

The number of Spongebob themed parties has continued to grow. Fun Factory Party alone has done over 3,500 Spongebob themed parties! You can rent a Spongebob birthday party character costume ANYWHERE in the USA at FUNFACTORYPARTIES.COM or by calling 888 501 4FUN. Kid’s party cartoon mascot costumes like Spongebob Squarepants can be shipped right to your front door! Or for kid’s birthday party entertainment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Jose and San Francisco, you can hire a LIVE Spongebob party character show for your child’s next birthday party!

If you’re planning to have a Spongebob themed party, decked out with decorations to make your children feel like they’re in Bikini Bottom, why not go above and beyond and have Spongebob himself make an appearance.

That’s right, Spongebob came make an appearance thanks to Fun Factory Party’s Spongebob party character rental. What would make a child happier than having Spongebob at their party playing games with them? The Spongebob party character is great entertainment for children as young as one year old to ten years old! Spongebob can engage in a variety of fun activities with the children such as face painting, dancing, and much more. Of course the day would not be complete without giving each child the chance to take a picture with Spongebob! What kid would not look forward to that?

With Spongebob in attendance this could be the party of a lifetime! All this can be made possible if you rent the Spongebob party character from Fun Factory Party!

Because of the popularity of the Spongebob character, Fun Factory Party recommends making a reservation for your party about 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Not only will that give you time to plan things on your end but that gives us time to ensure that we make your child’s experience as great as possible.

Ready to make a reservation? Visit us at or call is at 1-888-501-4FUN for pricing and availability.

Fun Factories Party is a professional children’s party entertainment rental company located in California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego) as well as Dallas Texas and Fort Worth Texas. For 20 years we’ve made it our mission to provide the very best to our customers!

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