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Kid’s Birthday Party theme ideas!

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How about choosing a birthday party theme of your kid based on some movie? has lots of new Kid’s Birthday Party theme ideas! Yes, Fun Factory Parties, based at Belvedere Tiburon, Newport Coast, Pacific Palisades and San Francisco in California can offer you magnificent party themes, on this special occasion. The incredible party entertainers in California, Fun Factory Parties, says when you choose party themes based on movies, you can include invitation cards in the shape of mask shaped based on Spiderman, batman or invitation from Hogwarts on parchment styled paper for a party based on Harry Potter.

Regarding decorations you can copy the settings and locations of your choose movie. Like if you have chosen a party based on Harry Potter, you can recreate the settings based on Harry Potter party theme. Though you don’t have to come out with a diehard attempt to copy exclusively, but with a professional party provider like Fun Factory Parties at your disposal you can definitely achieve your goal.

You can mention in your invitation letters about the costumes, based on the chosen party, Fun Factory Parties are known for their costume rentals, you can hire any costume for $145 for two days. This will give you some time to see that you are comfortable in the chosen costume.
Concerning about the party cake, you have various options you can choose a ready-made cake it could be in the form of any shape, for example if the chosen theme is star wars you can choose cake in the shape of robot or a planet etc.

As far as games and activities are concerned you have the options like three legged races, Bullrush or hot potato game etc. Call Fun Factory Parties for more such ideas.

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